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    I may have forgotten some but these are the ones I know are in Calif.

    I loved the parade and laughed and cried and this parade reminds me how great CA truly is.....the crowds and traffic get to me often but with the parade more will have goals to come here... whata beautiful show and weather today. So much humanity and the wonderful animals too. We are truly blessed to be here....and this annual "SHOW" reminds me how great it is here....we do forget and can complain as we do, I do anyway, but know the traffic goes with the terrority.....jam
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    Hi Jamin. I live in Humboldt Co., a long way from you! I don't know what parade you are referring to, but am so glad to read the joy in your post.

    Yes, Ca is a good state with lots of problems. The education system is poor compared to many other states. It's such a mess at the high-school level, and lower grades too. This is bad considering how poorly our NATIONAL education levels are compared to the rest of the "developed" world.

    We also have too much homelessness, too little mental health (thanks Mr. Reagan!), stupid drug policies (Thanks Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush!)

    Hoping for a sea change......

    Regards and Happy New Year!
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    Barry, the Rose Parade, I never miss it....when I lived in San Jose for 5 yrs and watched it while up there I longed for being back in So. Cal. and I did get back....the sun and warmth and openess of the people get in one's blood. No. Cal. is incredible beautiful and rugged but I need warmith for this body....

    My grandkids and their parents got a good education in our schools here,as did their parents, but true the longing to be at the beach have their minds straying...yes, there are problems but with such a huge population, comes more problems....and I hear you on those 2 presidents....I have personal stories on the closing of mental institutions back my family... and on the homeless, very sad thing in this country of WEALTH, our priorities are really upside down in my opinion...many homeless come here to sleep on warmer streets...very sad horrible issue.

    Today it's Stanford and Michigan State in the Rose Bowl game, which I usually don't watch....Santa Monica is loaded with tourists for these 2 huge events.....jam

    PS: I saw your comments on going organic, I really try to do MOST organic and find here anyway, oftentimes, inorganic is as pricey or more than organics....I shop 4 stores as I have special things from each store and this is what I find is less pricey....and yes brussel sprouts are very high in the organics, here $6.99#..... trader joe's carries a nice line of organics and gluten free products...
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    A Rose first in the 125 yrs of this historic parade: 1 hour ago - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A gay Los Angeles couple exchanged wedding vows atop a flower-covered float trundling through Pasadena on ...
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    I missed it this year. When I lived in CO, I used to watch it and wish I were there. Of course, when I watch the Thanksgiving Parade, I wish I were there too. We traveled to CA a lot when I lived in CO and we really enjoyed it. Never got further north than San Francisco and would love to go on a trip to SF and regions north. We loved the beaches of S. CA and, of course, Disney Land. Also, in CA, one can grow more types of plants than here in SW FL. We have some beautiful tropical plants and I enjoy our beaches here. Miami is an amazing place despite the crime problem but crime seems to be everywhere. The Cuban community and South Beach, with the renovations of the Art Deco hotels and restaurants along the beach, make it a unique experience. We have Disney World here now and it's bigger than Disney Land but, somehow, I always liked the feel of Disney Land better. I think it's because I grew up watching Disney on TV and wishing I could visit Disney Land. Never did til we took our own kids there. Even though I don't live in CA, I think it's a very special place and y'all are lucky to live there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Speaking on DisneyLand, back when it opened I think in 1956, I was 18, I had the chance to fly to CA on a plane before jets, it took 10 hrs...I have cousins up north and a kinda bf in so cal and my parents let me fly west....a lady sitting next to me was from canada and she talked all the way to some things we never forget....I probably have been to DL 6 times, and to think I live here going on 50 yrs.....

    Mikie, I've been to FL a lot and memories of humidity and mosquito bites stay with me...I was never able to visit in winter since it was much pricier for me back years ago....but wonderful beaches and I've had many bad sunburns from that sun. I appreciate CA more than ever as I age. jm
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    Jam, it's funny because when I lived in arid CO, I thought CA was humid. I moved here in July and wondered whether I had made a big mistake. In the wintertime, the humidity is low and we have breezes all year round. There is mosquito control and, at least in our county, it is very effective. We just don't go out in the sun in the summertime between about 10:00 and 2:00 unless we are in the water. Summer evenings here are wonderful. I guess no place is perfect and one person's paradise is another's hell. All in all, I would happily live in either FL or CA. I would live in CO except for the horrible winter air pollution (much worse than LA's). If I could be a Snowbird, I'd live my summers in CO and my winters down here.

    I think anyone who loves living where he or she lives is a lucky and blessed person.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, no humidity here to speak of, it's a desert..and I live near the ocean and skys clear as a bell...but all of LA has been pretty cleaned up in recent reason we pay the highest gas prices in the country.....I've never used an A/C and once in a while we get a hot spell and I need to get my fan out for a few days. Yes, living in a warmer climate helps my achy body. When it gets chilly, I feel it. jam