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    Forgot to answer your post...

    Hennepin County!

    So we lived in Maple Grove for all of 8 months...perhaps the best 8 months of my life...Sooo many great friends!

    We moved in during July...small, new construction cul-de-sac. We pulled into the driveway and went inside. I went upstairs (not 5 minutes had passed) look out the window...13 people gathered at the bottom of my driveway deciding who was going to knock on the door!

    Fun thing I learned:

    In the summer it stays light enough outside to mow your lawn at 10pm.

    At least once per winter some bozo takes their truck out on to the canal.

    Everybody goes to "the house by the lake" (...WHICH LAKE???)

    Many people have houses ON a lake (who knew...heated and everything)

    32 below zero feels just like 20 below zero which is actually amazingly colder than 10 below zero!

    When it's 32 below and you have to go outside...COVER YOUR FACE!

    Minnesotans may sound innocent due to the accent...but not so much!

    "Duck Duck Grey Duck"...WHAT???? You mean "Duck Duck Goose???"

    I'm sure I'll think of more!


    Fun People I met...never know, Might be a small world...

    Mike and Sue Alle
    Mark and Leah Walton (now divorced)
    Alex and Nancy Ferreria
    Dale and Lynette Anderson

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    Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay in the land of 10,000 lakes. I left MN when I was in my late 20s and have been in CA for about 40 years.

    I can sum up the difference in six words: California: nicer weather; Minnesota: nicer people.

    I spect you have seen those "You know you are in Minnesota when..." lists that show up on the net. Here's one:

    I don't think this one included "familarity with and understanding of Uff-da!"

    Here's a true story for you. Illustrates the small-town phenomenon of knowing everyone in town and sometimes even farther.

    I was playing bridge at a commercial club in Los Angeles and reacted to something w/ "Uff-da". The stranger on my left said, "You must be from Minnesota." I confessed I was.

    So we got to talking. I told him I was from a village named Harmony, not too far from Rochester.He was not from MN, but had gone to the University of M.

    He said he had a roommate from some little town near Harmony. After all these years he couldn't remember the name of the roommate or the town he was from, but he knew it was near Harmony.

    He had visited his roommate's hometown. Guy's father was the local grocer.

    I said, "Your roommate was Gene Wubbles and he lived in Preston."

    He fell off his chair.

    Ha det bra

  3. jmcdelaney

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    "Ha det bra"--had to look it up...FOUND it!

    Tell ya', don't move to New England! As far as "nice", they are once ya' get to know them...but that can be. tough out here.

    So I grew up (age 2-10ish in Laguna Niguel CA)...before it became a city! Rolling hills with "fresh from the oven" cow pies (patties), rattlers and tarantilas...My best friend (prior to the bridge breaking) continued to live in different areas of CA (all the way up to San Francisco) until about 5 years ago...

    I agree MN people are even nicer than CA people, but whenever I would go back to CA (and now I visit her in Reno) I find you can talk to anyone about anything...can't do that with many people here (the ones you can are usually "transplants")

    How about...

    You can write a check at McDonalds...and people actually DO!

    "EEsh" instead of "ick" or "gross"

    My funny MN story...

    I was the only brunette on the street. I was in the habbit (when I lived in New England and the only blondes are from a bottle) of whenever I did or said something stupid I would say "color me blond"...You see where I'm going with this...Uff-dah

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    After a quarter century of brain fog due to CFS/ME (translation on demand) I am now segueing into Alzheimers. Consequently forget a good deal of what I intended to post.

    I thought your observations on MN were right on. "What Lake?!" I used to wonder about that when I was a kid.

    Have you read "How to Talk Minnesotan" by Howard Mohr? It is a wonderful book. I picked up an extra copy at a thrift shop for 50 cents and offered it to several people, most of whom said they already had it. I think it eventually went back to a thrift shop.

    I spent one year in northern MN on the shore of Leech Lake. Altho a huge lake, it froze over. Most springs at least one car went thru the ice in late spring.

    The office always had a pool on the date the ice broke up. Was usually the middle of June. Northern MN had a whole extra month of winter compared to southern MN. The temp was much colder. It was below zero at night. Would warm up to about 5 above during the day.

    The people who lived there got defensive if one criticized the weather. Apparently they felt they would be considered stupid for living in such an inhospitable climate. Well, the were; at least by me.

    But they were pretty nice people anyway.

    How come you were in Maple Grove such a short time?

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    Hellooo again Rock-

    The short of it was my husband took a job with a company in Minneapolis that got bought out like the day we moved out of our MA. house. The company who bought it already had an existing facility in St. Paul. They asked Jack to continue with the move and close the Minneapolis facility, guarenteeing him another equal or better position, and if they didn't offer him anything he was interested in they would give him a nice severance.

    Well, with the house sold in MA, and a deposit on one in MN, I said "we'll look at it as and adventure"

    They offered Jack several great positions in really ycuky locations (ie. COLDER) Canada, (can't remember where else)...

    At the same time his old boss called and said that the guy that took over for Jack had run the business into the ground and he REALLY wanted Jack back...AND at the same time found out my dad's health was pretty iffy...sounded like a sign to go back east.

    So we did.

    Haven't read "How to Talk Minnesotan"...sounds fun.


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