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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. live from the Met is Tosca on KUSC. You might be interested in listening.
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    Hi SG

    Thanks for the alert. I looked on the net to see who would be singing. The Met is using two
    alternating casts. I only know one of the sopranos and one of the tenors. Then I found another site that said a third soprano would be singing. A variation of musical chairs.

    The production is four years old and very controversial. For the last half century directors have been doing innovative staging which generally means they ignore what the composer and librettist specified. The opera takes place in two real buildings in Rome. A church and a palace. But in this production the director has moved the action to a catacomb and a seedy basement. Of course, that only matters if you are viewing the production.

    The last opera I went to was a seldom produced opera by Rossini, the guy who wrote the
    William Tell overture (Lone Ranger theme). The scenery consisted of rows of theater chairs
    which filled about half the stage. After that I gave up going to the opera. Even the Mozart
    opera set in the Donald Trump tower was better than that. (The mezzo soprano wore a
    hockey costume.)

    Sure wish I could use time travel and go back and see the operas and casts I ushered for
    in the 60s. Will listen tomorrow. Maybe I will find a new singer to admire. Last time that
    happened was a couple years ago on Youtube. A great soprano from Finland.

  3. rockgor

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    Listened to Tosca, SG. The soprano and the baritone were excellent. The tenor was pretty bad.

    The tenor has been singing at the Met for the past decades. My guess is that he used to be much better, and the management just hasn't noticed that his voice his aging. The high voices (tenors and sopranos) generally start to go around age 50. The lower voices last longer.

    In the 1980s I heard two of the world's most famous basses at the Long Beach Opera. Both were in their 60s and they still sounded great.

    Thanks again. Hope you're having a good day.