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    If you go to the L.A. Times website today, it's entitled Divine Dumpling Gang. Apparently outstanding dumplings are a rarity and I'm intrigued by this article. I'm sure he makes dumplings but what's all the commotion about?????
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    Hi Kiddo

    Gordon read the article. Jonathan God is a writer familiar to us. We used to read him when we
    subscribed to the Times. A very colorful writer. Gordon has a book of his restaurant reviews.
    Gordon also has a recipe for the XLB dumplings, but has not made them. He does make other
    dumplings frequently.

    N.B. Gordon did not want to type this himself, so I am relaying his thoughts. This, therefore is
    hearsay, and cannot be admitted as evidence in a trial.

    Gordon thinks there is an error in the article regarding the ingreediments*. The dumpling is probably
    made with tapioca and wheat starch which gives it a translucent look. What is unusual is that the
    recipe calls for broth in the dumpling filling. The dumplings come from N. China. (Gordon is from
    S. China; a village near Canton.) I grew up in MN five miles from a village named Canton.
    You can see it was fate that brought us together.)

    In answer to your question regarding what's all the commotion, it's probably just that most
    writers think that whatever they are writing about is terrible important. Ha Ha!

    *This is the way we spell it and pronounce it in our family.

  3. sunflowergirl

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    I thank you both, and I promise I won't take anyone to court. LOL

    I used to have several chinese cookbooks but aside from looking at the beautiful photos I don't think I made anything from it so gave them away.

    Gee whiz....only one minute on here now and the darn thing froze up for me. I've emailed prohealth to complain about my Ipad you think I'll hear back?
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    Dunno. Maybe it Depends on the pad.

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    Sunflower Girl,

    I don't know whether or not they can help but techies are smart and the ones at PH have always been able to help me. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie