Rock.....thought you might be interested in this opera tomorrow

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  1. sunflowergirl

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    I heard today that tomorrow morning is a live performance of Carmen, directed by Placido Domingo, on KUSC.
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    Hi SG, thanks for the heads up. I looked around on the net. Tomorrow is the start of the LA
    Opera Season. The mezzo is Patricia Bardon. Hadn't heard of her before. I found out she
    is Irish and has sung in many different styles of opera. She did Carmen before in Hamburg,
    and sang with LA opera 3 years ago in a obscure opera by Handel. Youtube has a couple
    videos of her. Lovely voice.

    Don't know the tenor either, but there is a Youtube video of him singing the flower aria from
    Carmen at the Arena in Verona. The arena BTW, was built by the Romans. When you buy
    a ticket for a performance, you get to choose. Do you wanna pay more for a padded seat or
    sit on a cold marble slab? Maybe the experienced opera fans bring a cushion. It isn't too
    often opera fans have to consider their fanny when buying a ticket.

    My uncle was once in a Met production of Carmen. He didn't sing. He was a super (the
    opera term for an extra). The Met was on tour in Minneapolis where he was attending the
    U of MN. The theater was Northrup Hall of the U of M campus. Anyhoo, Carmen,
    the great American mezzo Rise Stevens, whispered to him, "Get of the bridge."

    Rise was America's most popular Carmen. She was in the film "Going My Way" with Bing
    Crosby, and sang an aria from Carmen. The film was hugely popular, won several Oscars,
    and as Rise said, greatly boosted her career.

    Carmen is an exciting opera with lots of drama. I've seen two live performances; both with
    mishaps. In LA at the Ebell Theater, a friend of mine was playing Carmen. I was sitting
    on the main floor and did not see any problems. But her son taped the proceedings from the
    balcony. The tape showed what the eye missed.

    In the duel between the tenor and the baritone, the baritones' hand was cut. One
    of the chorus members was a nurse. She walked off stage and came back with some sort
    of bandage and wrapped up the baritone's hand which he held behind his back while he
    kept on singing.

    And during a New York City performance of Carmen, while the mezzo was singing and
    vigorously dancing on a table, her panties fell down. A chorus member grabbed them and
    whisked them outta sight.

    The director of the production was going to say something to try and avoid this sort of
    problem in the future, but he wasn't sure to whom he should talk to: the dancer; the
    costume department; special effects?

    Un grand merci, au revoir

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    I'm so glad you read this before tonight's performance. I've only seen Madam Butterfly in person, years and years ago at the Music Center. I may try to listen to it on the radio this evening. I've recently begun listening to KUSC in the last 6 months, and I'm thoroughly enjoying (new to me) classical music. I've run the gamit from pop in my teen years, country as my children were growing up, found groups like Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, and others about l5 years ago......where was I when they were in their heyday? And now I fluctuate between Christian and Classical and NPR.

    Funny about the cut hand! I'm assuming you got to watch the tape? That would have been something to see it.

    Listening to KUSC I know that they've played some arias from Patricia Barden, because before something is played the announcer discusses a bit about what you're going to hear and it struck me that she was an Irish singer. If you get a chance to listen to KUSC on sunday around 5 PM there is a charming program where they feature young musicians. I love how they're all filled with such enthusiasm and joie de vie, and you just have to smile.
  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kiddo

    The performance was wonderful. I hollered "Bravo!" at the radio several times. Actually
    that's the first time I've ever listened to the radio on that machine. Just use it for CDs and
    tapes usually.

    The mezzo (Carmen) and the tenor were even better than they sounded on the Youtube
    videos. The soprano was also excellent. Only the baritone was somewhat lacking. Mainly
    in some vital low notes. His big aria goes down to the second F below middle C. A
    very low note for most baritones. Even Robert Merrill had trouble with it. And he
    recorded the role twice!

    During intermission there were interviews with singers and some of the administrators and
    Placido. I think Placido recorded the tenor role 3 or 4 times.

    I was surprised to find the broadcast was in stereo. Excellent sound. At times you could hear
    the singer was moving across the stage. Thanks again for tipping me off.

  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Bravo! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I listened to it for about l l/2 hrs. but not knowing the story and what was happening it made it hard to really enjoy it. I found the interviews very interesting. If I'm not mistaken I believe KUSC broadcasts all the live operas in L.A.

    Now if it had been Les Miserables I would have known with my eyes closed what was happening! That's my total favorite musical.
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    Hi Julie

    I wrote a message here a couple hours ago, but it wouldn't post. Some problem with
    the server. Gordon "fixed" the machine by turning it off for a couple minutes. Be
    nice if we could repair our cars that way, huh?

    Agree wholeheartedly, Julie. If it weren't for the Pro Health board, I wouldn't have anyone
    to talk to all day. But thanks to PH, I have all you swell folks. Thanks again, SG.