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    Hi Rock this is an email sent from the historical place in Wales re Merrick Castle. What do you think?


    Attachments: Castell M...pdf (2.8 KB), Ystrad Me...pdf (3.1 KB)

    Dear Ms. Landles,

    I tried to identify the Merrick Castle your friend had seen in a book, but unfortunately I cannot come up with a positive match. Merrick is one of the anglicizations of the Welsh name Meurig; it is also anglicized as Meyrick. I thought that perhaps your friend had seen a book on Wales by Samuel Meyrick, the antiquarian (see here: ) but it seems unlikely that a person’s name would be confused with that of a castle.

    There are two sites in our database which match the name at least partially- Castell Meurig and nearby Ystrad Meurig Castle. However, Castell Meurig is not your typical masonry castles, but rather earthworks remaining after what might have been a timber stronghold. Ystrad Meurig Castle was made of stone, but very little of its stone structures remains. I attach our database descriptions of both.

    If you, or your friend, can provide any more on information Merrick Castle/ the book in which the picture appeared, we could try again to identify it.
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    Thank you for all your efforts.

    The author of the letter is right about spelling. The book on the Merrick family, written a little over a hundred years ago, found 8 different ways the name was spelled in various records.

    The picture of the castle is in the book. The author, George Merrick, also wrote a book about his experiences as a pilot on a steamboat on the Mississippi River. He left the job to go fight in the American Civil War in 186l.

    These books are in the geneology section of the Los Angeles Library. There are several other books w/ references to the Merrick family, coat of arms, service to the king that resulted in the reward of land, etc.

    The Merrick brothers arrived in the New World in 1636 and founded cities in Massachusetts. Thomas Merrick was a founder of Springfield (not the one the Simpsons live in). There is a city park named Merrick w/ a statute of a Pilgrim.

    I am going to look up some other stuff if this computer ever gets fixed. Right now if I click on "search" the stoopud thing just dies.

    So tussan takk (Thousand thanks) as my other ancestors said and their descendants still say.


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    I am butting into another one of your threads. Sorry! Because of my similar background your posts always catch my eye. I promise I will try not to make a nuisance of myself.

    I just found this interesting, because of all of my dreams of exploring "the homeland".

    Also, my grandma had a neighbor by the name of Merrick. He had been a Major in WW2, so he was known as "Major Merrick" to the whole town. I always that sounded like a great name for a character in a novel.

    Anyway, I understand your interests in castles and the like.

    Just as a tangent-- My parents are divorced, but I discovered a stronger bond than marriage that they share on a church wall. There was a shot on a video of ancient Pict and Scot churches that had both of their respective clan names carved in the archway over a door.

    That made me feel like "in the grand scheme of things" the two families are still linked, even if two of them couldn't get along temporarily.

    Hope I'm not being a busybody to jump in on this and the other thread about Scottish music influencing Southern gospel.

    I also have Welsh in my background, on my great-grandfather's side. My husband's last name is Welsh, too, but actually he is mostly nearly all Swedish.

    Apparently, the Scandinavian (Vikings) liked to just hang out on off the coast of Scotland, and come in to raid it for food and wives every so often.

    Maybe there was a reason I found him so attractive all those years ago? Hopefully one of his ancestors wasn't too terrible to one of mine. But if so, I'll set things to rights in this household! :)

    Okay, I'll leave you all alone, now.
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    You are not butting in at all. Happy to hear from anyone w/ an interest/info/similar background.

    Where was the church w/ the clan names? In Scotland? I have ancestors from Norway, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Know a lot about some and nothing about others.

    You're right; the Viking got around. All the way to Russia
    and, in the other direction, N. America. They founded Dublin and other cities.

    Did your grandmother live in Massachusetts? The 4 Merrick brothers settled there.

    My aunt did a lot of research. We had one ancestor who lived in Salem and was a witness for the defense in a witch trial. (I think the year was 1692, but I cannot look anything up on the web right now.)

    It is fascinating to me, but of no interest whatsoever to most of the family.

  5. Rosiebud

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    what are the clan names of your family??

    I'm Scottish, born and bred - we are McDonalds though there's Irish and English thrown in there too.

    My name is Janet McDonald Neary Hodgkiss - Scottish, Irish and English - Hodgkiss my maiden name means 'son of Rodger' - go figure that one out.

    My husband's name is Landles - a Viking Name, yes there were many raids by the Norseman and many settled here - the Shetland Islands used to belong to Norway, now Scotland, and they have a festival every year where they burn a Longboat - there are many Norse names up there.

    In Ireland, many Spaniards were washed ashore at the time of the Spanish Aramada when it was sunk by the English in the 1600s and we have the Black Irish - they really do have jet black hair and have a Latin look about them despite this happening hundreds of years ago.

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