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    For anyone intending to read this book, dont read further as I WILL be giving some of the plot away.

    Rock, yes this is the book I started. The woman is walking in the countryside with her kids and dog and along comes a guy, she tells one of her kids to run.<It looked to me like they were going to be murdered!!!

    A Mother and her two daughters, and dog walking in the country, were horrifically attacked here in UK a few years back, only the one little girl survived - I kept thinking of them and so didnt read on.

    Does it transpire that they weren't murdered after all??? Have I jumped the gun on this one??

    Are we talking about the same book??

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    Guid efternuin. Well, at least it's efternuin here.

    I hate to tell you this, but one of us is all brain-fogged and confusiated. Oh! Gadzooks! It's me!
    Or more grammatically, it's I.

    Well, I started 3 books that were suggested on our book club thread. I guess the one I was talking about
    was titled something like, "When Will We come to the End?"

    Books should not be allowed to have confusingly-similar titles. (Actually, over the years I have
    seen several titles already in use.)

    Anyhoo, I didn't finish any of the books. The Kate Atkinson was too violent. I refuse to
    read any books that feature abuse to kids or animals. And there was a third one by
    Joe Hill (Stephen King's son). I hope I'm remembering this correctly.

    A year or so ago we tried a book of short stories by the Mr. Hill. General consensus seemed
    to be that this author was not gonna become king of the hill. Or to put it another way, he
    was lousy.

    Remember? He had the short story set in the 40s w/ press on nails. But they weren't part of
    our culture until the 80s. Typical young person. Thinks things have always been the way
    they are now, and that they will stay this way.

    Anyway, his novel was reported to be a best seller, but I found it hopeless. I'll bet me great-great
    grandfather's kilt that his books got published because of his father's reputation and success.

    Any hint of Spring in good old Scozia yet?

    Always good to hear from you. Wish you would post more often, but I suppose you just
    don't feel up to it


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    and a guid moarnin tae ye tae.

    Well I'm glad we've sorted that out. Like you I can't abide books with violence to kids and animals - in fact I dont really like violent books at all - I prefer my murder stories, when I read them, to be neat and clean - non brutal. Atkinson's murder was too much like the one that actually took place here - they got the guy, some raving lunatic out in his car sees a nice little family taking a walk, miles from nowhere.

    I remember Joe Hill but can't remember if I enjoyed his book or not which means I most likely didnt.

    Spring is trying its best to break through here Rock. If we can only have a semblance of a spring and summer this year - sans pouring rain - then I'll be happy.

    I enjoyed coming on the porch Rock but it moved too fast and just too much input for my foggy brain to keep up with.

    How are you and Gordon?? Do you miss him when he's at work or are you happy to have the break - Tom retired early to take care of me and does a great job goodness there are times when I wish him far away....I can always make myself a sandwich. He's a hermit, loves his home, I shouldn't complain.

    We're after an 'antique' wardrobe, a huge tri-piece - having fun with that on ebay - there are some beautiful ones around but out of our price range.

    My daughter Shelley is pregnant, 17 weeks now - after 8 years and some horrible times she's going to be a Mum and I'll be a Granny - it's all very bitter sweet, we're still on tenderhooks but every day is a day closer and its just wonderful to watch her getting a big, fat belly.

    Reni and Erin are still together - I have disassociated myself from their relationship, she has to go to her own Mum now to moan. I'm hoping they will grow up soon.

    I got new painkillers from Doc which are helping, I'm out of bed more often and getting out and about more too. They're not without complications, side effects etc. but I'm determined to stick with them and have some quality of life.

    I enjoy my little chats with you and Ken and anyone else who wants to join in of course.

    Love to Gordon.