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    First I want to say how sorry I am you lost Chester, I do understand how you feel. I had my kitty for 15 years and he was my buddy and was always there for me when no one was.

    He has been gone for 2 years and I still miss him, my daughter brought back some pictures she "borrowed" 2 years ago and as we looked threw them for pics of mom for her pic board, I was reminded of what a awesome cat he was.

    I got up one morning and he was laying in the kitchen like he had just went to sleep. I picked him up a cryed like a baby, my contractor showed up, I was having central heat and air put in, and he left to give me some time alone.

    I used a plastic storage container and wrapped him in a towel and buried him on top on my hillside so he can always look over me.

    I am sure the other pet will have a hard time missing his buddy so he needs extra cuddles and I am sure you and Gordon will need too. I will be thinking of you-Carla
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    Thank you for your kind note.

    Saturday Gordon and I had lunch w/ my former secretary. I have known her over 20 years. She is a real doggie person; always has 3 or 4 dachshunds.

    She has been paying hundreds of dollars a month for the past year to keep an old cocker alive. She wondered if we were going to get another dog to keep Zippy company.

    I don't know. We originally got 3 shit-tzus from a rescue society. After several years only Chester was left. We got Zippy to keep him company.

    Hard to know what to do.

    Huckle, the gold tom cat, is keeping me company. We can't have pets here, but I let Huckle come in a short visit now and then. Gave him some chicken broth: his favorite treat.

    Thanks again.


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