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    Hi Rock

    how are you doing way over there in L.A.?? How's Gordon??

    To answer your question about my little kitties - they are indeed 'exotic' looking and pedigrees BUT...they are both little minxes. If you want a lapcat don't get a Devon Rex - they want to play, to fight, they follow us around, travel on Tom's shoulders....full of mischief and they're almost 2 years old. They are called the 'dogs' and 'monkeys' of the cat world - they fetch things, trail things around in their mouths, very, very intelligent but require constant attention.

    They do cuddle up at night, well Hamish does but Silkie is very independent - they have a mad Rex look, her especially.

    Apparently they can't be left alone for long or they die, I mean they need company, so the breeder insisted we take two or none at all as we had no other pets, ours having all died. Glad we took the two as Silkie is Tom's cat and Hamish divides his time between the two of us, is a little poser, more affectionate and definitely the 'star' of the family. Silkie is just disdainful!

    Its a warm day today, maybe an Indian Summer??? We should be so lucky.

    Don't know if you got my post (far down on one) telling you about the Pipe Band Chamionships last weekend in Glasgow - I watched for awhile, I love the pipes, the skirl of the pipes still gives me shivers up and down my spine but I can't listen to them for too long.


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    Gordon is fine. He is busy in the kitchen making me another batch of gruel. Couple days ago he was boiling taro w/ star anise for some Chinese dish. In another hour he'll be off to work at the mortgage factor where he audits files before they are purchases by large mortgage holders.

    Your cats sound fascinating. I was reading about them on the net. They can get to ten feet long and weigh 600...wait, that was the Siberian Tiger. Well, they're all felids.

    Yes, I read your previous note re: the bagpipes. I love bagpipes and tin whistles and Celtic music. I read that the Irish bagpipe is squeezed rather than blown. I don't really see how the air gets into the bag in the first place.

    Also read the word kilt comes from the Scandinavian Kjalta. You can tell it's Scandinavian by the KJ. (Also shows up as BJ or FJ.)

    Is it legal to have Indian summer in Scozia? I mean, did you have any Indians?

    Well, give Silkie and Hamish and Tom a nice pat on the head for me.