Rockgor and rock fans: Does anyone remember this song?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kholmes, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Rock, I was thinking about your claim that it isn't possible to listen to yodeling without smiling.

    The other day, I was vaguely remembering a rock song from the early 70s that had yodeling in it. I remember dancing around to it and playing air guitar when I was around eight, while my dad yelled "Turn that down!" Turns out a Dutch group called Focus had an international hit called "Hocus Pocus" in 1973 with organ playing, gibberish lyrics, flute riffs, and yes, yodeling.

    I found a video of the band playing "Hocus Pocus" live in 1973 on Youtube:

    (Don't watch if you have a headache)

    Hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend.

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  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I remember the song, but I had never seen it performed, which frankly was a little frightening. I wonder if the lead singer ever got the exorcism he apparently so needed?

    I can see how an 8-year-old kid with an invisible guitar would find this music irresistible, and impossible to sit still to.

    Back in my teens I used to work at Worlds Of Fun, at a popcorn cart in the middle of the "Scandia" section. I got to wear a little Swiss Miss dress and listen to yodeling music all day! I still have those tunes stuck in my head after all these years. I was watching something on tv a while back and heard one of them. That's when I knew it was all a real memory and not just a freakish nightmare.

    A few years later, in my college years, I was really into progressive music and loved buying good import albums and finding anything cool that was NOT top 40. My parents were going on a European vacation, so I begged them to go into some record stores and bring me some good music. I was pretty excited and told some of my friends, so we were anxious to see what I ended up with.

    They brought me about 4-5 albums. I can't remember them all now. But I do remember that one was Italian disco music, another was Italian love songs, and another was a band of Swiss musicians. The cover picture showed a group of Swiss dudes in their Swiss clothes, standing on a mountain with alpenhorns. And the music - yodeling songs!

    Initially, I was pretty disappointed, but outwardly thankful. What were my parents thinking? But it turned out, that with enough alcohol, alpenhorns and yodeling can turn an average party into a extraordinary event!

    Which just further proves Rock's claim.

    Disclaimer: This post is not meant to condone underage drinking. Nor was it meant to imply that underage drinking is excused in the event that yodeling music is present. To any yodelers or alpenhorn players who may be reading this, please do not be offended by the viewpoints stated within. Both yodeling and alpenhorn playing are art forms usually most appreciated by those with discriminating taste and a good sense of humor.

    No mountain goats were harmed in the making of this post.
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No, I don't remember that. But certainly it would be hard to forget.

    I wonder what they sound like when they are warmed up.

    I misconscrewed the title of your post. I thought it was about forming a fan club (of my fans). BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  4. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Why are you laughing exactly? I came here with the intention of joining your fan club!
  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    4everkid: Great story, and terrific disclaimer.

    Rock: No need to form one. You already have a fan club, my friend.

    You both got me laughing with your responses!

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Now that song is stuck in my head again...and actually I kind of liked it.

    If you want a place to find classic rock disks, there's a place in St. Louis called and it's wonderful. If you need help finding something, just ask the owner Sherri (sp?) about the song and she'll know the album it was on and who sang it.

    This comes from the fact that K-SHE95 rock radio station is the only rock radio station in the country that hasn't changed in about 40 years. Never changed it's format, ever.

    So these people have been playing great music for all these years and have a wealth of information for those of us who are old enough to appreciate it.

    Some of the dj's broke off and formed another radio station for classic rock with no repeats for a week. If you like that kind of thing it's and you can listen to it live on the computer. Hubby and I do it all the time hooked up to our speakers and it can be wonderful.

    Also K-SHE still plays a classics show on Sunday mornings from 8:00 until noon Central time. One of the original dj's (I think) does this show and he's also on the K-Hits side now too.

    Hugs all,

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A committee of MBAs could not have written a more eloquent

  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    for putting yodelling in my head.

    We had a guy over here in the 60s Frank Ifield and he was really big, he yodelled - She Taught Me To Yodel. yodelohedee

    I'm not a yodelling fan but I AM a Rock fan.

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  9. jrose

    jrose New Member

    Whoa! could get through only 2 minutes out of 4+. I remember the song now. My poor cockatiel was upset and yelling at it! Judy
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  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am a Rockgor fan AND a rock fan. I had forgotten all about that song, but was a teen and loed the song. I cant really download youtube that are more than a minute of so long. DIALUP SUCKS but the beauty that surrounds me is worth it..most days,lol.

    Now I am like Rosie and it is in my head. Someone on another thread mentioned just Be Happy and that song "Don't Worry Be Happy" was in my head all day.

    4ever you crack me up girl, BTW loved your new pic.

    Thanks Ken- I will still be listening to Rock and Roll in my wheelchair or rocker which ever comes first :)

    I am a die hard Alan Parsons fan. Carla
  11. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Thanks for reminding me of "The Lime in the Coconut" and "Great White Buffalo." I liked both of those songs when I was a kid as well. In fact, I still do.
  12. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Nancy: I'll have to check out KSHE95 and Thanks for the tip!

    Carla: I like Alan Parsons, too. Didn't he do an album based on the stories of Edgar Allen Poe?
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Frank Ifield I recall him-I remember YOU woooooooooo was his big hit. Summer I was 17, hot beach in England (yes it was hot that summer!) and it seemed that song played ALL the time.

    My neighbor next door who is 82 and plays guitar and sings "for the old folks" can yodel-I have always thought it was pretty cool. Have tried but cannot. Remember "He taught me to yodel" song? Sometimes on Lawrence Welk they have yodellers-my son Danny loves Laurence Welk show.

    Love Annie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I remember Lawrence Welk. A lotta people consider him corny, but his was the most successful of the big bands. As one of my friends (who is even older than I) says, Welk's band could play any kind of music well.

    As for his accent, he grew up on a farm in North Dakota where people spoke German and didn't learn English till he was an adult.

    He had to buy his freedom from his Old World father.

    According to his huge cast, he was a wonderful boss altho rather prudish about necklines and skirt lengths.

    During the Depression, my father, a young man then, bought a new suit. Probably the first one he ever owned. The price was ten dollars. He said, "I only have three bucks."

    The shop owner said, "I aint makin' any money anyway. Pay me two bucks a week or whatever you can."

    So my dad walked outta the shop and there was a flyer on a telephone pole. Lawrence Welk to appear in Cresco, Iowa. My dad went back in the shop and said, "I gotta have my money back. Lawrence Welk is coming to Cresco.

    The poor shop owner gave him his down payment back and said, "Never mind. I'll do the alterations. Just pay me when you can."

    Hey, Judy, Can your cockatiel dance like the one on tv?

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What town are you in? I grew up in Harmony.

    What does your name mean?



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