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    thanks for responding on the 12 steps, we probably have the same here in UK but certainly not the number of help-groups that you have.

    I'm JEALOUS - I would have loved to have seen Nureyev and Fonteyn dance and am thinking of getting them on DVD. I'm no expert on ballet, just started going last January but I love it, especially when the male dancers are in their 20s with fully developed thighs.....ha ha, I sound like a real lecher, I'm not.

    In Scotland we dont get the chance to see the Bolshoi, only the smaller troupes come our way and some are brilliant while others not so.

    I love Opera too but never been to see one. No expert on this either but my favourite is Verdi's La Traviatta. Like rock, classical, rock too, just never been able to get my head round innovative modern jazz.

    Donnaile, your son is a Russian trained dancer, how wonderful, yes, I bet he hurts...they dance their wee hearts out.

    love Rosie

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    Aren't we lucky to be living in modern times. We can see and hear artist who are retired, dead, etc. I have an amazing CD of John McCormack and Frank Patterson singing duets.

    But the McCormack half was recorded 60-80 years before Frank joined in. The engineers were also able to improve the sound of John's voice.

    I have ancestors from all over the British Isles and Norway. Well, you know, those Vikings got around. Anyway my Scottish ancestors were named Reburn. They moved to Ireland and eventually to the USA in the middle of the 19th century.

    My ancestors from Wales came over in 1636 and founded Springfield, Massachusetts. My most recent ancestors were from Germany and came over around 1900.

    Even if we live in a village (like the one where I grew up in Minnesota) we can see the world's finest artists w/ one electronic medium or other.

    No need to be an expert on ballet or opera or rock or any kind of entertainment. One likes it or one doesn't.

    I love Traviata. Have three recordings of it. It was the second opera I saw. That was back in 1960, almost half a century ago. Anna Moffo was doing it w/ the Metropolitan opera which was on tour. I got in free; I was an usher.

    Moffo died recently. She had a fabulous soprano. Was also slim, beautiful, and a great actress. I had a nice chat w/ her backstage in 1967.

    Her death scene in Traviata gave me goosebumps. Saw her do the same opera 7 years later and got goosebumps all over again.


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