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    I wanted to thank you for your coments about my artwork, and I didn't want to bring that old thread back. I'm not doing much with it mostely because of Drugs. I plan on it though. I'm going to change that one with a more recent one that's not really finnished yet, as soon as I get the time. I think you will like it. As everything else in this life, my art also evolves.

    Thanks once again,
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    There is a book for writers. Haven't seen it for a while. Think it was called Writers' Digest. Came out once a year. Listed markets for stories, poetry, etc.

    I wonder if there is a publication like that for artists. Maybe on the net?

    Calendar art? You could keep your eye open for calendars w/ art rather than photos and then inquire of the publishers. Dog calendars? Erotic, rock artists, sports figures, animals, famous buildings?

    Cartoons? You could take jokes from the net or old jokebooks and then modify them into cartoons. I think the market for cartoons, stories, light verse, etc. was all bigger when I was a kid.

    Well, I wish you luck, Kiddo. Life is tuff, and it's even tuffer w/ the stuff we've got.
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    Dan.. I had a great friend, double amputee that was great with pencil sketching, pen and ink type drawings. Ya know where he found and outlet for it? Motorcycle magazines! Ya know like the harley driver type.. He did a ton of work for them and your work really reminds me of his. He even marketed a "hogg" coloring book that they sold at bike runs. (although.. he was a biker...)
    You have great talent it's just finding your marketable niche.
    Keep it up.
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    I like Harleys, and I'm telling you you'll probably like my new pic when it gets on. I just have a lot going on right now. I will look into what you've told me. It's sad no one has told me this all my life and you all give me this info within the short time I've known you.

    Thanks again (kiddo) he he
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    Your art work is good, real good!

    There is a magazine called "Heavy Metal". Your work should be in that magazine.

    Just add ".com" behind the magazine name to get you there.


  6. mindbender

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