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    I really look forward to your responses to all of our problems. You are one funny man and a source of great medicine for us all. I am going to tap my face now. Can't hurt.

    Many thanks,
  2. optimistic1

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  3. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    I guess we all have to sleep sometime.
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Arlene, you are a doll. Are you old enuff to remember Arlene Dahl? Dahl is a Norwegian name. Like me she was a beauty from Minnesota.

    She had a film career when she wasn't busy w/ weddings and honeymoons. Among her several husbands were Fernando Lamas (Also married to Esther Williams tho not at the same time) and Lex Barker who took over from Johnny Weissmiller (Tarzan) when Johnny put aside his loincloth.

    I loved the Tarzan movies when I was a kid. Now they look pretty silly. On the other hand, I looked wonderful when I was a kid. Now I look ridiculous.

    This teaches us that life is a matter of time and perspective.

    Wake, I hope you are feeling a little better than you were a few hours ago.

    I did my tv gazing for the day, but after a long leisurely bath during which I did a crossword puzzle, I forgot to tap my face. I guess I'll do it now.

    If this face tapping catches on, we can expect QVC to start selling little mallets. They will come in a variety of decorator colors and be available in several styles, plastic to sterling silver to titanium, priced at $49 to $539.

    The spokesperson will be beautiful and healthy, the widow of some tv star, who wants to spread health and happiness throughout the kingdom.

    That's all the news from here in Lake Woebegone. Uff-dah!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.
  5. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    You aren't speaking to some kid here. I am definitely a contemperary of yours. Arlene Dahl was a great beauty, fair actress and married at least 19 times. I think she is still alive----saw her not too long ago on a Larry King show and she is still gorgeous. The absence of the loin cloth has obviously been good for her plus a few plastic surgeries didn't hurt either. I'm just jealous.
    I am most serious when I say how wonderful your sense of humor is for all of us. This DD is so darn nasty and it feels so good to laugh. If we don't laugh we cry and thats no fun.
    Thank you for responding. I hope you are doing well with this and are happy in spite of it.
    We just have to keep plodding along and try to be the best we can be.
    Many thanks again and good wishes. I wish I was a doll. Maybe if I tap enough it will happen. Bye the way you are talking to a QVC queen. I will definitely order the best tapper out there as I'm sure it will work best.
    Many blessings and have a good night,

    P.S. This weekend I intend to "break the bank" at Ho Chunk in the Wisconsin Dells. I have never gambled so that will be quite a feat. Getting away for 2 days with DH and then I intend to give "all" my winnings to FM and CFID so we no longer have to have this Board. There will be no reason for it.
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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I admire your good intentions. Hope you enjoy your trip to the Dells. I was there myself approx. half a century ago.

    I went w/ a bunch of cave guides.

    I am an alum of the U of W (Madison). I spent one summer there 46 years ago.

    My partner is also a QVC queen. He has boxes from QVC he has never opened.

    My neighbor is from Oshkosh. He still owns a house or two back there even tho he has lived in CA for decades.

    Are you going on a boat ride? Keep your hands and arms in the boat at all times until the captain has taxied to the end of the runway.

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