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    Hey, i got your message to me on the book post.

    I went down to Winona, an 8 hour drive to see an alternative Dr., Dr. Vrchota.

    I get to give myself B12 shots everyday for the next 15 days, and do some other "fun" tests at home.

    I'm going to post about it on the Fibro/CFS board when i feel up to it.

    Winona is a beautiful little place! Hard to get lost there with it sandwiched between the lake and the river.

    We have to go back again in 6 weeks, and i was trying to find out what else we could do. We drove up that big bluff that over looks the whole city.

    There is a shakespeare festival, but we will be two weeks early for it! DRAT!! I would love to go to that, i love shakespeare, maybe i'll have to change my appointment??

    Take Care
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    bumping on up
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    Well, I was up during the night (as usual). Can't remember if I wrote to you or if I just thought about it.

    I looked up Winona. Was an early settlement. Used to be very big in the production of lumber or flour or both. I read, but nothing sticks in my brain anymore.

    Used to be lots of riverboat traffic there. One of my ancestors was a steambot captain on the Mississippi. After a few years doing that he went off to fight in the Civil War. Wrote a book about his experiences 100 years ago. The LA library has a copy.

    I believe that research will eventually show that Alzheimer's is due to teflon. You get a coating of it on your brain. After that nothing makes an impression; just slides off.

    Did you drive up to Sugar Loaf? When I was a kid we took a drive along the Mississippi every fall. Always stopped near LaCrosse and bought a bushel of apples.

    Can't buy good fruit and produce anymore. It's all made to ship, not to eat.

    Maybe the B12 shots will give you lots of energy. I tried some B12 pills you put under the tongue last year. Nada. Coulda got the same results w/ M&Ms.

    That's an awfully long drive to see a dr. Tell her to get on a boat and travel N. on the Big River.

    Oh fine, now the cable went out. Some day I will throw this computer in the nearest river. (That would be the LA river which generally has no water in it.)

    Ok, the modem lights are back on. Will see what happens.

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