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    I'm glad to see back posting abit more again. I saw your post with Callum saying you had been feeling some depressed.
    Hope it's lifting, you have always been one of the first to say welcome back when i've been gone for awhile.

    It's beautiful today 40 above, snow melting fast!! Horses are shedding.
    My son couldn't take his snowpants to school on monday, because they got so wet playing on sunday we left them on the porch to "dry",
    But monday morning they were frozen to the porch railing!! The teacher had never heard that excuse before for failing to bring in proper outside play clothes!! LOL!

    Your poem on the porch was delightful!

    Have a great day,
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    How's by you? A coworker used to say that when we were social workers in Cass County, Walker, MN. She was from someplace like Twin Forks, ND.

    Very funny gal. Haven't seen her for about 45 years.

    Yes, I had intense and unrelenting depression for 2 years. W/ therapy and meds and a 12 step program it went away. Now I have mild to moderate depression.

    Funny disease. Some people say they've had periods of depression w/ long stretches of well being in between.

    I remember little kids in snow suits looking rather like penguins. I remember my glasses fogging up everytime I came indoors. I remember the problem of getting the car started.

    I don't remember anybody having their outdoor gear freeze to the porch tho. How old is your son?

    Did you go to school in MN? My brother went to UofM, Duluth. I went to Hamline in St. Paul. I always was glad to see Spring arrive. Some of the profs would take the small classes outside and we'd sit on the lawn under a tree.

    Stay warm. Only about 3 weeks till Spring. (Or maybe a little longer since you're up north.)

    Ha det bra


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