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  1. bct

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    Hey Rocky, how ya doin'? I get the sense that you've been down lately, as have I. Waxes and wanes, don't it?

    Do you think that Winnie (not the Pooh) really had a black dog? If so, I wonder what it's name was? It's sure been following me around for a few days.

    I think I'll try to have a 'news fast' today-- sometimes it seems to help. I wish there was a branch of E.A. here were I live, but a rural area has limits. Actually I had never heard of E.A. until you mentioned it!

    On the "what has helped me" thread, what page are you on? It seems to go on forever, and my nosiness maketh me impatient. Did you know there was a genus of plants called Impatiens?

    Gotta crawl now,
    Best wishes to you and Gordon,
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    Yes, it do. Also ebbs and flows. Hither and yons. Forth and backs.

    My depression has been mild to moderate for a long time, but lately it seems to be moderate to severe most of the time. (Worker's Comp terms)

    I think my Alzheimer's is getting worse. I can't make much sense out of your post. Who is Winnie the non-pooh? Black dog? What helped me?

    Yes, impatiens are very popular here. Very cheerful little flowers.

    You can find EA on the net. The headquarters is in MN. Even if you can't go to a meeting, you can buy literature. They have 2 books.

    Also there are message boards and some sort of phone meeting. I have no experience w/ the latter.

    What Does BCT stand for? (I have some ideas.) Gordon is at work. Best to you and Richard.

  3. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I didn't mean to be so incoherent. Shall I just say it was the drugs talking!

    The Winnie I meant was Churchill, who referred to his depression as his 'black dog'.

    As for 'what helped me', I thought that somewhere you had mentioned that you had posted on that extremely long thread (over 300 posts) that the mods. put up in blue at the top of page of threads. God, I sound bonkers.


    R. is shopping and going to library. I'm just gonna go now and sit with a cuppa outside; very quiet, sunny, blue skies, 70 degrees.....

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I see, said the blind carpenter as he waved his hammer and saw. (My mother used to say that.)

    Well, I don't remember ever reading about Churchill and his dog of depression. I usually think of it as a black cloud ala Al Capp.

    Yes, there used to be a thread on "What helped me". I thought you were talking a current thread on one of the boards.

    Well, I figured bct was your initials, but then it could have been descriptive. I hope you are enjoying your cuppa. I listened to an old Jack Benny program the other day.

    Jack and Rochester were taking inventory of the pantry. One small can of, three large cans of...Jack bought cans w/o the labels to save money.

    I like to read funny books, watch silly stuff like Benny Hill, Laurel and Hardy. Doesn't exactly cure depression, but it helps take my mind off it. Used to belong to a gay bridge group. That's where I met Gordon.

    But the group disbanded after 19 years, and my brain can't remember the cards anymore. Can still play solitair on the computer tho.

    I need to water the hanging orchids and do the dishes. You should have seen Gordon's big dendrobium earlier this month. It had hundreds of medium sized flowers. He won three ribbons this past month, but he's won so many over the years he really doesn't pay much attention anymore. Trades the ribbons in for lottery tickets.

    Ha det bra

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  5. bct

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    Hi Rock(y?), I hope your weekend is starting off well. Every day seems to be a weekend for me these days, as my town trips are becoming more infrequent; a blessing I guess. Today, however, I shall go with R to pick up our 4 books at the library -- one is the MGM book you mentioned on the book club thread, which he is most keen to get!

    I like to read humorous books myself, although right now I'm caught up in John Banville's 'Eclipse' which seems to teeter from laughter to grim depression; fortunately it's short.

    It must be marvelous for you to have all those orchids to look at. Does Gordon specialize in Dendrobiums, or is he an eclectic collector? Right now I am proud of my red un-named Epidendrum (commom as dirt, but prettier) that has been blooming for months, brightening up the main room.

    Richard says I must apologize for the allusions to the black dog. He says "NEVER USE ALLUSIONS UNLESS YOU KNOW THE PERSON" and I guess he is right. So be it.

    I've been up since six, got to shave(!), and start gearing up for the trip to town -- library opens at high noon, and I'm ready for my lie-down by 1:30. I am already exhausted?

    By the way, can you tell that R used to be an English teacher? He is always correcting me. I have always tended to speak obscurely, which can be most annoying, lol.

    Have a good day, both of you.

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