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  1. victoria

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    hope you are doing ok and just been offline due to net problems...?

    I have a question, I bumped your post on the other board about it, but will repeat it here :

    AND the question is..........

    I was just remembering that you did the TV static meditation... are you still doing it? can you give us an update?

  2. rockgor

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    Yes, I did the static treatment for 3 or 4 months, and it was helpful. Then it lost its effectiveness. Well, some meds do the same thing.

    Am currently investigating the face tapping therapy. Another one of those things that sounds kinda goofy, but doesn't cost anything to try.

    It's called EFT (Emotional freedom technique), and you can see it demonstrated on YouTube.

    I wondered who bumped up that old post. Thought it might be MrBill because he mentioned it one time.

    Ha det bra

  3. victoria

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    Es verdad about drugs losing their effectiveness quickly! I wonder if you tried it again now, since it's been a while, if it would work again... I have found that happens sometimes.

    I've heard of EFT. My psychologist DH tells me it's the same as misdirecting attention or that it works as it disrupts thoughts, etc... or something... geez, can't remember the name he used now, but I wouldn't doubt it works.

    Hope you find something that keeps working or at least some things you can alternate between!

    all the best,