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  1. Marta608

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    I hope I'm riiiiiiigggght......
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, you're riiiiiight. And how did you know?

    I am 69 today. When I was a kid, I thought it was handy if people were
    born in a year w/ a zero. Made it easier to calculate their age.

    Jean had a birthday thread here yesterday which I couldn't open. And then
    it vanished. Ah, the mysteries of the computer. Far more baffling
    than the mysterious East.

    Tusan Takk (thousand thanks)


  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    You mentioned it once and I wrote it on my calendar.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. Any special plans?


    PS Annie wishes you a happy birthday too![This Message was Edited on 07/08/2009]
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see Marta already sang you the birthday song - so I wil forgo doing it again.

    I do wish that you have a wonderful special day. I guess Gordon will make you a cake or special dessert with such a great cook that he is.

    Don't put all those candles on the cake though, you might need the fire department to put them all out :) BTW, in case you forgot, you are older than my by about 3 mohths. Aren't you luckly -:) !!

    HHope you have a great day. Get any presents???


  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Birthdays come and go each year,
    Today is yours, so don’t you fear.
    Conversations fill the air,
    We have joined you since we care.

    Funny jokes and laughs out loud,
    We will always be your crowd.
    Many friends you haven’t seen,
    How long has it really been?

    We shall dance all through the night,
    Until our spirits are truly light.
    Celebrate our dearest friend,
    A birthday poem, we wish to send.

    Love ya Rocko - Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    How cool to be able to wish YOU Happy Birthday, thus "giving" you something.

    Everyday you brighten our spirits and share tons of fun facts with us. You give, give, give and we all love you for it. I actually read a lot of your posts to my hubby (a former cave visitor to the cave you served as a guide at). In other words Rock, you're part of our "family". My question for you: would you prefer to be one of our "normal" family or (hopefully) one of our more colorful wacky members?????????????

    Is Gordon planning a special dinner for you???? Please tell him to set a bunch of extra place settings 'cause we're all joining you.

    Munching down on virtual birthday cake here in dismal Wisconsin.

  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    to you Rocky. You are such a special person and deserve a special day. I wish you the happiness that you always give the rest of us today and always.
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks, gang. As one of my coworkers used
    to say (to everyone she talked to), "You're
    the best!

    Jean, glad to see you un-deleted your thread,
    and the mystery is solved.

    Marta, give my regards to Annie. Remind you
    of a song by George M. Cohan? The reference
    books say he really wasn't "Born on the 4th of
    July." It was the third.

    But there was a great American songwriter born
    on the 4th of July: Stephen Foster.

    I was once having lunch w/ the boss in a deli.
    The owner answered the phone, then put his
    hand over the mouthpiece and asked, "You
    guys know when Stephen Foster was born?"

    Well, this was in my pre-Alzheimer's days when
    I could still remember stuff. I said, "July 4,
    1826." And a minute later the owner put down
    the phone and said, "Hey! I just won 50 bucks."
    (Some radio station promotion.)

    My boss said, "Wow! That outta get us a free

    My boss was often too optimistic.

    Granni, yes, I did get a present. For many
    years my younger brother has sent me a check
    for $25 and for many years I have refrained
    from cashing it. Maybe I'll surprise him this

    Hi, Mickey. Thank you for the charming verse.
    Did you pen it yourself? You probably noticed
    that the words fit perfectly to the tune "Jesus
    Loves Me."

    Mystic, was it you whose husband grew up
    around Cresco? I was trying to remember who
    it was a couple months ago. Couldn't do it.

    I see in the LeRoy, MN, hometown paper that
    the Howard County Fair was held in Cresco
    last week. Very strange. When I was a kid
    fair's were strictly an autumn event.

    Well, this is getting pretty long. I'd better post
    it and come back later.

    Thanks again, Kids. You are all the best. Or

    When I was a kid our local bakery used to
    advertise it's baked goods were, "Better than
    the Best!" This greatly annoyed my mother
    who did not like to see language abused.
    She didn't feel the same way about abused
    children though. (Smiling out loud.)

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    A birthday day kiss and queens wave for you. You are a very special man and I know you make many a person smile or just laugh out loud with your unlimited knowledge, compassion and caring nature.

    This world and this board is a better place with you here. You are loved by so many, may you be blessed with many, many more birthdays on this earth. Thank you for being who you are, you deserve nothing but the best- Love-Carla
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been gone all afternoon. Five hours for a
    visit to the eye doctor! Yikes! as Jack Benny
    used to say. Almost two hours was spent
    driving. About 70 miles r.t.

    Sweetie, you are as sweet as your name. And
    speaking of apt names, the eye doctor's assistant was named Iris.

    She was a little snippy at first, but we chatted and got friendly.
    She noticed from my chart that today was my birthday, and said she was 60. She looked like
    she was 35-40. But her hands and feet looked
    much older.

    I guess she takes part of her salary in plastic surgery. Anyway I'm going back next month to have two cysts removed.

    Jam, we're practically neighbors. Maybe 15-20
    miles apart. I'll swing by your place next time
    I'm riding my skateboard.

    Julie, in addition to being a character in the New
    Testament, Lydia was a country in Biblical
    times. Wikipedia says it was located where
    Turkey is now. Pretty important place. Coins
    were invented there over 2000 years ago.

    Now people could go shipping w/o putting a
    chicken or a goat in their purse.

    Diane, I am really moved by all the kind things
    you and et. al. have said. But I can only tear
    up on one side until I have the surgery.

    Great lyrics, Linda. Too bad Tin Pan Alley went
    outta business.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Carla. Speaking of
    queens, while waiting for the dr. I was reading
    a thriller. Queen Elizabeth had a cameo.

    Oh yeah, you should see my face. The dr. put
    orange eye drops in several time. I now have
    orange rings kinda like a raccoon that got its
    face painted at a street fair. Makes my eyes
    even bluer.

    Hugs and waves
  11. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy B-day! You post/responses have always touched my heart. So here is to you......Salute, for your birthday!


  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I wished you on the porch and then saw this thread....

    want to say, Happy Birthday

    thank you for livening up many a morn, noon and night, (whenever i happened to be reading the porch).....with your hilarious, informative and insightful glad you are around and that we made your acquaintance....

    racoon eyes and a brilliant blue must be very striking! Have a wonderful time....

    God Bless
  13. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Yes, it was my hubby who grew up in the Cresco area. And he remembers the Howard County Fair, especially seeing Joey Chitwood. He lived in Cresco until 8th grade then his family moved to Luana.

    We just attended his 50th HS class reunion (held in Prairie Du Chien). There were 13 kids in his HS class but one of the young men died the year after they graduated. Of the remaining 12 ALL were present at the reunion. Most of the grads have remained in the Midwest but a few relocated to Colorado and Virginia. I had never met any of the folks but it was so much fun for me anyway. All 12 have been very successful, many were teachers, some owned small businesses, and of course, a few took over the family farms. Two members of the class were hubby's first cousins, making one set of grandparents responsible for 1/4 of the grads.

    Embrace the love being sent to you here. You're a wonderful guy.

  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Happy Birthday, Rock, n many more to come.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lynn, your post has touched my heart. So there, now we're even.
    (Smiling out loud.)

    Springwater, I always enjoy your posts on the exotic and mysterious
    East. So there; now we're even too. Haha!

    Green Onion, thanks for the good wishes. Folks around these
    parts is fine as silk, doncha think?

    Marta, thank you for starting this post. I am quite overcome by all
    the nice things my fellow posters have said.

    Nancy, My class had its 50th reunion last year. Of course Harmony
    was bigger than your hubby's school. We had 44 grads. Six are gone now.

    A class booklet was put out. Seems like everdobby did pretty well. No
    criminals or drug addicts. Several teachers, nurses; one other atty. One
    gal became principal of our old grade school.

    One of the worst students seems to have had a contented life doing
    what he loved. Working w/ cars. Racing them for fun.

    Most stayed in the MN-IA area. Some moved away and later returned to the

    I never heard of Luana before. Looked it up. Said pop. is now about 250. It's
    on Highway 52. So are Harmony and Decorah. That's pretty amazing: one fourth
    of the grads on one family tree.

    I haven't been to Cresco or Harmony for decades. I was in Harmony during the
    80s. It looked the same. Showed my son my old high school. Class pictures
    were still hanging in the halls. My son was about eleven. He kept looking at my
    senior picture and at me. Finally he asked, "Is that really you?"

    Tusan Takk As the Norskies say. (Thousand thanks.)

  16. JimB51

    JimB51 Member


    mmm! I'm starving!

    (oh ya, Happy Birthday Rock!)

    Now, about that cake ...
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I saved you some cake! We can't limit celebrating to just a couple of days for someone as special as Rock!

    Here 'ya go. Enjoy!


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