rocky moutain spotted fever

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elizabethia, Jul 24, 2003.

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    hi to everyone.... i was feeling extra specially crappy and went to see my doctor and told her that i had pulled 4 tick off of me in the past month.... i was more worried about lyme deaseas then this rmsf...she took the blood test and sure enough... the "extra crappy feeling" wasn't just my fibro or in my head.. i actually have this.... i'm just know getting over it....i keep shakeing my head at this ... this is like the last thing i would have ever expected...i've been takeing an antibiotic for the past 2 weeks..she gave to me "just in case" and i'm glad she did.....anyways i'm starting to feel a little better each day... were just a little more suspetable(sp?) then others so don't take anything for granted.... take care "fuzzy hugs" elizabeth
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    wanted to bump for other vampires LOL like me

    Thx for the message
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    The only thing I can say is, thank goodness you KNOW what's going on & can treat it, and are even starting to feel better. Some people are clueless with lyme for years; they don't remember ticks on them, or strange rashes & so it doesn't get diagnosed. I'm glad you found out early, and you are right, so often we blame everything on CFS or FM, when really we need to be vigilant that sometimes, it's something else entirely.

    I hope you continue to feel better each day!

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    thanks for thinking of me