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    Several months ago , I jumped through all of the hoops to apply for food stamps. The only income here is my SSD. We received $10 / month. In DEC. 08 it jumped up to $18/mo. I'm not complaining !

    It went down to $14 a month in Jan. 09 due to my $69/month COL raise.

    Here comes the laughter & confusion part: My wife started receiving her SS Retirement check in March of about $500/month......she has been turned down for her SSD and we are waiting for her hearing date from a judge for it. Last week we received a letter about food stamps stating our monthly food stamp total will increase to $36/month.

    As was often stated on an old TV program , "I'm soooo confused..........." LOL

    Maybe if I figure out some way to qualify for one of our government's bail-out programs , we would qualify for $200/month......:>) LOL

    Blessings ,

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    Yes, I have to agree. The modern world is very confusing.

    As I understand the bailout programs, they work like this. The govt. takes money
    (taxes) from people who work and gives it to the incompetent and the filthy
    rich. This program is intended to somehow improve the economy.

    Perhaps you should contact the govt. and advise that you wish to be reclassified
    as filthy rich and/or incompetent.

    And here's another confusiatin' thing. Home come the prices at the market keep going
    up when we are in a depression?

    When I was a kid we were taught about the Great Depression. But, we were told, we
    don't have to worry because the govt. has laws to prevent such a thing from happening

    I think I'll go lie down for a while.

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    are both so funny! But you're makes no sense!
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    Isn't the system just messed up! I Could rant and rave about how our system doesn't help those who are in need. I mean, we pay into the system our entire lives and then when we need some help we are denied. But their are other groups of people who know all the tricks of the system and can get the best care and all of the perks.

    Everything is just so messed up!

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I fell down.....

    Got up again & fell down again. :>(

    I did get filthy but not rich ! :>)

    The only wealthy parts of my life are the simple pleasures and love....Hey , that's more than enough !

    Nope , I will never run for office !!!!!!! LOL :>)

    Blessings ,

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    I recently discovered that social security, which I have paid so much into, isn't given to prisoners! What a heartless law! Totally ruins my potential safety net/retirement plans!

    Meanwhile, we have at least a dozen government agencies for health care, same for welfare and housing. Why so many agencies doing the same thing? Something to do with the moral deserving, and the undeserving, I suppose.

    Why do so many rich have to be filthy? And, why so many of the clean are poor? I don't know. I'm getting more confused. lol mr Bill:)
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    See if there is an Angel Food Program where you live. It's usually run out of churches. You don't have to qualify. Each month, they have a menu of the main food package and bonus packages you can buy. You have to pay cash in advance, when ordering. It's about a 50 percent discount. The food is good. The store where I work has Buy-One-Get-One sales on a lot of things and I stock up then.

    I know a lot of people really need, and deserve, food stamps. On the other hand, every day, I see big strapping young men and women using their food stamps to buy the grossest, most unhealthy, stuff we sell. They buy candy and those nasty brightly colored sugar-water drinks. I try not judge but when I think of all the people here who can't qualify, it makes me angry. I realize I don't know the backgrounds of people with food stamps but I know that many of us should be able to get them.

    I'm like you. I may be filthy, but I'm not rich. Didn't they used to call people out of work, "The Great Unwashed" during the Depression? Maybe that's what they meant. Perhaps we could all pool our pennies and open our own bank, indulge in greedy practices, and get billions in bailout money.

    Well, I've done enough for the day. Think I'll just go wallow in my own filth in front of the TV.

    Love, Mikie

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I received the final (for now) word today. Our food stamp amount went from $14 to $31.

    I had really expected our increase in income to change it to $0.

    Now , it's off to the store to buy some frivolous things.........bread , meat , milk , etc. ;>) :>) LOL

    Mikie , there is not an Angel Food Program in our area......There are some food banks that we visit when we need to do so. It amazes me every time I go how many people not only don't say Thank You , but also , how many people are actually crude & it's owed to them.

    No matter how I feel , I'm always nice and say Thank You !

    Blessings ,

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    I can't imagine you any way but nice. I don't encounter many rude people at work but when I do, I just blow it off. Seems the only rude people I've encountered lately are the service people I've used, tipped well, and then have them blow me off when they need to come back because they didn't do the job right. Oy! In this economy, one would think they would value their customers and whatever referrals they might get.

    Glad your stamps didn't go to zero. Let's hope they increase.

    Love, Mikie