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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Hey there...hope your having a low-pain day!

    Just wondering how the B12 shots are working out for you??
    I hope there helping!! Are you able to tell when it's time for a shot?

    Remember I was telling you, I would ask my doc about what dosage there giving me of B12...Well they told me every vile(shot) of B12 is all the same dosage....the nurse was telling me they could increase the times a month in which I get the shot but not the actually dosage...Right now, I get the shot once a month, so they may have to up it to twice a month.

    I dont know if it's the same there or not as far as the dosage can not be increased just the amount of times given.

    I was telling the doc here lately I have been even more fatigued. So he wrote me a perscription for provigil...I have never taken this before...but I am hopeful that it may help. I haven't gotten it filled yet...going to do that tomorrow...it's snowing and frezzing rain right now...so not attempting to go out in that...lol

    But my doctor was saying it was very expensive and my insurance company may have to send him forms to fill out in order for them to pay for it....I pray they will approve it and I can give it a try. Have you every taken Provigil??

    Hope your day is going ok!!

  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    nice to hear from you.

    I dont recognise yet when I need the B12 injections though I am getting them weekly. The last three weeks I had the district nurse come and give me them as I wasnt able to get to the surgery.

    I do feel a bit more energetic after I have them but it doesnt last. I dont know if you can get a higher dose, I am getting 1mg, I've just re-read the booklet by Dr Sarah Myhill who treats many CFS patients in UKI and it suggests 1mg twice a week. My doctor has refused to give me that but once a week is better than nothing.

    Dont know about provigil, I dont think we get it over here but I hope it helps you. I hope your insurance pays for it. I am only able to take painkillers, every other med I've been prescribed has had side effects for me, very annoying.

    My feet are still sore despite the B12 injections and me taking B supplements so I'm going to see doctor and ask to see a consultant - its not easy to see a consultant here. It comes out of doctor's budget so they arent keen to send you to them.

    It's cold and damp here, we had a little snow but it's gone now.

    I've done a little xmas shopping online but I'm hoping to get out to shops and do some more. I went to a large store a few weeks ago but turned around and left, it was buzzing with people all rushing around and the lights were so bright. Aaagh.. lol. I was with my daughter so we'll go again soon.

    Your little dogs are beautiful. I have a 17 year old cat, Rosie, she's almost 18 - my little sweetheart.

    My hubs just made a big log fire, well the fireplace is small but the fire he's made is big lol. Away to sit and watch tv, it's evening here.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


    P.S. Do you call the B12 shots 'vile' because they are a bit painful?? I have always been okay with injections but these really do nip, I get mine in bum.

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I was just doing a quick check back in....I have gotten so behind on the board here lately, where I just haven't felt like being online alot.

    I'm glad your getting the b12 shots at least once a week. It may be harder to tell when your getting them once a week, how much good they really are doing you. I know with me where I only get them once a month, I can really tell when its time for my shot even though it's not a huge energy boost.

    I sure hope you can get some relief for your feet...I know how painful that can be!! I hope your doctor will send you on to a consultant.

    The warm fire sounds nice....hope you and hubby are enjoying the day by the fire!!

    I know what you mean about Christmas shopping...The stores are crazy this time of the year. I actually went out the day after thanksgiving to do a little shopping...here thats suppose to be the biggest shopping day of the year and boy do I believe it...I want attempt that again..lol But I do have right much of my shopping done...thank goodness!!

    Oh what I was meaning by "Vile"...which I think I have it spelled wrong..lol(brain-fog) I mean the shot...(tube=Vile) The shots themself really dont bother me either...I have had so many over the years and so much blood taken its like taking candy for me anymore..lol They give me my shots in the arm though...they switch arms every month. Wonder if that makes a difference if you have it in the bum or arm...lol

    I sure do hope you can get some relief for your feet...I know thats a pain!!

    Well, you have a wonderful evening/night hun and so good to hear from you....Think im going to go lay down for a little before hubby gets home from work.


  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    you gave me a good laugh!!

    'Vile' over here means horrid, disgusting

    Vial is the word for the thing the stuff comes in - there you go, I cant even think straight either.

    Had a 'no dress' day today, just slouched around in my dressing gown.

    My hubs watching very important soccer game, they're playing an Italian team tonight. His team is one of the two major teams here in Scotland and they have lost more games recently than they've won - he's in such a nervous state about it all, ha ha.

    I hope you've had a better day Blue Rose, catch up with you later. I'm going to get nurse to come out again this week to give me the injection. I get worried in case my doctor will stop them seeing as I cant manage into the surgery every week but my daughter tells me I'm being paranoid!!

    Take care.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    hahahahaha...im cracking up here at myself...goes to show how my mind is...lol

    Yes your right Vial is what I meant and is the proper spelling..haha..still laughing at myself... My laugh of the day.

    And Vile is the same meaning here too...Hahaha Oh me, my sad poor brain-fog!! You know, I have the worst time with forgetting how to spell something when im typing or writing a letter...sometimes even the simple words...you every get that way?

    Hope you have had a low-pain day!!!

    My day has been so-so...I had no choice but to go out today to do a little grocery shopping(fridge was about empty) and while I was out I went ahead and picked up a few more gifts....I tell you it just wears me out....If im out for over an hour, I am completely drained of energy, not that I had alot when I left...lol

    Hope your hubbys team is winning....your hubby sounds like mine. Is he into watching alot of sports? My hubby is a sports nut...lol Always some kind of sport on the tv....good thing we have 4 tv's in the house... One for him...one for me...one for my little sister when she is here...and one for any vistor's..lol

    Well sweetie im just checking in for a little...I'm so tired think i'll just fix me and hubby a can of soup for supper and lay back for awhile....hope you have a good night!!!

  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    yes, I got a good laugh too. The brain fog is something else isnt it, I dont mind except when I'm talking to someone who doesnt really know me (not often) and I've been given some weird looks.

    Had my 6th B12 jag today, managed to go to surgery, it does make me feel good, pity we couldnt have them daily.

    Yes my husband loves sports but especially soccer and his team did win, thank goodness because they were at the point of getting rid of the manager - lol. He gets so upset!!

    I want to go out shopping too, maybe next week - I've not many presents to get and we're all going to daughter, Shelley's for xmas day so she and hubby will have to do shopping and prepare everything. Wonderful.

    I hope you had a good day today, painfree.


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