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    Every since I had my first child I have had rolling back spasms. It starts at the base of my spine and the pain and cramp rolls up my back to the neck. Some are so strong they actually pull my head back. The are so painful and control the muscles in the back that all activity that I was doing stops. I have not fell from it. I have difficult talking because I'm useally moaning from the pain. The doctors have no clue. The last thing that was said about 6 years ago it was from having children and it would go away. It hasn't. I can be sitting get up to move to another chair and there it goes. I could walk in from driving and have one while I'm trying to walk. There is no rhyme or reason for the attacks. Nothing makes it worse or better. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with FM.
    The attackes last less than a minute.
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    Muscles spasms in the back rregion whether high or low are often caused by small and multiple misalignments of the spine have you ever seen an osteopathic physicain or a chiropractor I truly believe that they really understand how the back/spine and muscles work and may be able to help sort things out.

    Even if you are in alot of pain both Osteos and chiros can do soft tissue work if you cannot handle spianl manipulation.

    I often think this group of docyors are underutilized.

    would yoyr regular physician give you a referral to either.

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    I'v seen chiropractors and have been adjusted. But it doesn't help. I love those guys. I might be weird but the best is when they crack my neck. I'v had doctors in the past the would never have me use chiro's but now my doctor has his one cert massage therpyist. I'v been thinking about taking her up on one of her treatments. But I'm afraid of the pain.
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    wow, never heard of that sypmtom before. Sounds horrible (sorry to say that) I do hope they (someone) finds an answer for you soon. This fibro just hits from all sides! Baffling! Sorry to hear of your pain etc. Good luck, let us know if (they ) ever decide what is causing it.