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    I saw in your profile that you are on mirapex. I also have RLS pretty severly and like you it was a broken bone that started this.

    I think I was on neurontin for a while but it did not help. I was also on mirapex when I was very anemic before a hysterectomy and once that was over, I did not need it.

    Does the mirapex help with the FM pain.

    I tried approaching my rheumy and she was dismissive about mirapex. But the pain I feel is very similar to my RLS.

    I am trying to gather as much evidence as I can to show my rheumy that this might be something to at least try.

    She is usually very open so I was surprised at her response.

    Hope you see this post.

    Thanks, GA
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    There is a book about fibro that discusses mirapex! You should show that to her. I am sorry but my seive of a mind can't remember the name of it. A doctor wrote it. darn....

    Yes, I could not live without the mirapex. I have what my neurologist calls severe, mutated rls. I think that means that I am a vampire. lol I do not sleep until 4-5 am. I can't. I bounce and clean house all night until it lets go of me. Before the mirapex it was so very painful - and I was amazed that after I started it the fibro pain went away a good bit too!

    I am just very sensitive to it. I hallucinate. My doctor understands though - I see a pain managment doc. Well, a team really. He has given me permission to play with my dose. I take it and every 2-3 days I stop for a day or two because I will start to see stuff. I know it is not real though -t hat's the thing - I saw a black dog in my kitchen once. I see shadow people. lol Crazy, but I know in my head even when I see them they are not real, so that is good.

    Unfortunately, after a year on the mirapex, the RLS won. It helps me control it but I can't ramp my dose up high enough to get rid of it so I just stay up all night and sleep all day. Sometimes it gets me during the day.

    My doc says that almost all of his fibro patients have a sleep disorder that is clearly present on a sleep study. Almost all of them have RLS/PLMD. I do. I move about 2 times a freaking minute when I am asleep.

    I am so out of it. Lyrica. I hope I am answering you ok.