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    I think something in my apartment is making my allergy symptoms worse. My daughter also reports this when she visits.

    I have no clue what brands are best and I can not afford an expensive one. I would like one that also helps with odors.

    I read that there is some controversy over the ionized air purifiers but can not find why.

    I would appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I did a lot of research before I bought mine, and though I really could not afford an expensive one either, I found that the cheap ones are a waste of what money you would spend on them. Mine was around $450 when I bought it. One thing to consider, though, is the cost of replacing the filters and how often you have to do that. The one I got has filters that will last 5 yrs. and replacements are less than, or around the same as, of many of the others. Other purifiers need to have their filters changed every yr or two.

    Mine does not help a ton with odor, but it has made a big difference with overall air quality (although I don't think any of them will help a ton with mold either). I got mine through Allergy Buyers. They are online and they have a regular catalog as well. They have various other purifiers, too, and they were great about answering any and all questions i had (& I had a lot). I have been quite happy with my purifier overall, and after I bought it, I found out that someone else I know has the same one, has had it for several yrs, and liked it enough to buy another one for her daughter at college. Mine is called the Austin Healthmate. It has wheels on the bottom, which is another thing I like, bc I put it in my bedroom at night and in the main part of my apt when I am up. That makes it easy to move.

    I have read mixed things about the ionic ones, as well. I think that if you are getting a little wearable purifier, the ionic ones aren't so bad, but for a room purifier, they are not too good. It's been long enough since I researched them, though, that I don't remember all the reasons for that. I do know that some of the purifiers actually leave particles underneath them that you have to clean up, and some of them don't actually do what they are supposed to do. Some also require a lot more maintenance (cleaning the filter, etc) than others. Like I said, though, I don't remember all the particulars as to which ones and why. If I were getting one today, I would get the same one I have. There is only one other one that I would seriously consider, but I ruled it out, bc it is almost double the price.
  3. gapsych

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    I want to thank everyone for the information.

    We do not have a costco today but I did find one that is $99 at Home Depot and got good reviews.

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    Thanks for the info. I have one that is 25 years old (if you can believe that!) and still works great, but in case it breaks, I'd love to know what you bought. Enjoy yours!