Root Canal/cap,crown question. Yes, Me again :)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Please don't get sick of my questions on dental stuff!
    its just that I have to make a decision tomorrow as to
    either getting 2 root canals/caps (front teeth,top)
    and many fillings. Or yank and get a partial plate.

    My mind is racing with new questions~
    How long does root canals/caps last???
    3 yrs,15 yrs??

    does it permanantly save that tooth?

    also,..when someone gets a root canal done,..does it always nessisarily need a crown or cap after??

    thank you so much for your help in all this~

    hopefully my last question on this dental nightmare of mine :)
  2. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    hi tandy
    just thought i would tell you a story. i had a root canal done along time ago and just last week i was chewing a piece of laffy taffy and pulled my crown right off. i can not get back into the dentist until sept. because i am new down here. good thing it doesn't hurt.
    i just have a little stub of a tooth where the crown should be. good thing it is not in front lol. to answer your ? i can only teel you my opinion. i wish i would have just gotten the partial.
    maybe this new dentist will pull my stub lol. but i do believe if you have a root canal down you do have to get a crown. but again that is what i have been told. your dentis should be able to tell you. i would call them today if you have to go tomorrow. good luck!!!!!!!

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  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I just had a root canal done and I made sure the doctor made me real numb. There was nothing to it. He made a mold on the mouth after the root was out. He shipped it out to a lab and a nice crown was put on.

    He also did another one on me.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    In my experience, root canals and crowns generally last a long time. I believe that you need a crown/cap if you have a root canal. I had one done about 30 years ago and when I had my amalgams replaced last year, the Dentist had to work really hard to get it off. If it is done well, it should last.
    My own belief is that if you can keep your own teeth, try to do that.

    Good Luck
  5. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I am not sure, but I think I am up to 4 caps. The childhood fillings were breaking the enamel off of my molars. I couldn't stand to think of losing my teeth. I am in debt still, thank God for Visa. I have found a dentist that I am comfortable with. I am sensitive to Lidocaine, but he will warn me if he uses it. He only uses enough that my heart will race for 30 seconds at the most. I am glad I had it all done. Some feel getting the old fillings out is good, too. I have another onlay to have done. I am not sure the difference between caps and onlays, I have both. I won't go into the horrific experiences I have had with dentists, just be sure that you have one that will listen to you and explain everything. One that is willing to stop, also, if you are uncomfortable.
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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    no carmels or laffy taffy for sure they will suck off the crowns...

    for the person that had their crown fall off from this...
    go to a local drugstore they should have some temporaty cement there to mix up and put inside until you get to the dentsit for the real deal...

    they can not guarentee root canals or the tooth...when the root canal is done it is taking out the blood supply ot the tooth which helps keep it vital and the tooth will become brittle that is why a crown goes over the tooth to protect it...

    it is your call on this...finances may be one reason to go for a plate....

  7. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have had 6, most of them were done 23 years ago, and the last one without a crown, just chipped off partially last week. I'm just decided whether to have it crowned or pulled out (it's only because of the expense) and I haven't gone to the dentist because I have no insurance at the moment.

    The others lasted about 15-18 years if I recall before chipping and needing a crown. The ones I do have crowned give me no trouble at all, but to be honest, I almost wish I 'd had them all pulled and got a partial plate, although everybody says "no you don't". But it would be over with now if I did.

    Good Luck,
    sue in Ontario
  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    just had all 10 of my crowns redone last year properly in order to get mercury removed. I'd had a crooked dentist early in life, so had a mouthful of crowns and overly filled teeth... so ultimately I ended up with many crowns.! No change in symptoms sadly, but figure it will help my immune system.

    About 4 were from 25-35 years ago, and I'd had 2 finally break and a 3rd crack off altho I'm not even sure they were the oldest ... so they can last a long time! I went ahead and replaced all tho because I was tired of one after the other suddenly breaking off the prior 18 months.

    My MIL had terrible teeth from childhood as she had no dental health care available to her... she has had 99% false teeth for a long time... just watching her is enough to convince me to not want a partial... and she has always said the same thing. So that is the other extreme.

    Hope you get a Clifford test done first to make sure what dental materials if any you might be allergic to, and having it all done by a mercury-free dentist!

    Well, Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!

    all the best,

  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I really needed the replys here,...
    you've all helped a great deal.
    I'm thinking of getting the darn work done. and avoiding a partial,..if possible. I know its gonna be tough. Cause I'm probably looking at many many dental appointments~ UUUGGGHH
    I hate to think of that part!!
    but,... something tells me (gut instincts?)
    that I should try this route one last time before folding in and getting dentures.

    Hopefully I'll end up happy with the end results~
    Dr. said I'm needing at least 2 root canals with caps,possibly 4. plus a few fillings.
    OMG! I must be nuts!!! lol
    I might need a permenent room at my dentist office :)

    not looking forward to all this.
    here we go!
    I'll keep ya's posted. (cause I KNOW you'll just wanna know) LOL
    Huge hugs
  10. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    First question is do you have dental insuracne? If so see what your deductable is? For most crowns you have to pay half up front before you have it done. Crowns are any where from $600.00 - $1,500 and a rootcanal is about $600-$1,000 .

    They are really expensive but when you need them done you have it done, I just had two done in march and it was tough for me as I have a small mouth and have a hard time keeping it open wide enough. Besure to take lots of Ibprphren to help ease the pain and inflamation. It will help with the teeth pain.

    IF you don't have insuracne you will need to check with your dentist and find out what each crown is going to cost, and make payments arriangemetns. And as far as I Know here all dentists require half if the price of the crown before they will start it as they are spendy.

    YOU will need to have caps on your front teeth as they show up so much. And a cap/crown should last about 10-15 years. And you should not have any problems with the rootcanal as it is permemant and lasts for ever.

    The reason you need a crown /cap after is that your teeth is that now you don't have a nerve is them and they break easier than when they were alive.
    I Hope that I helped in some way. TAke care and besure to take something for the aches of keeping your mouth open.

  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thank you so much~
    you've answered even some things that others did'nt. (maybe they just did'nt know the answer)
    Like why they even put a crown or cap on after a root canal. That makes sense.

    I now know that they last a pretty darn long time.
    that helps to know. :)

    I have a small bite too,..and its very hard to keep my mouth wide open.
    I also get a little panicky when my mouth gets all dry,and I can't swallow for a long time.

    I don't have good insurance.
    honestly I have medicaid. But the dental clinic I go to said that medicaid will pay if its needed.

    I guess they have to submit completed x-rays showing the root canal completed. Then they submit for a crown or cap approval.

    I had 2 done about 5 yrs ago and it was pd in full.
    (very surprizing) (back teeth,molars)

    I just hope the work is done well considering the fact that they don't make as much on me.
    so maybe the work is done half a**ed. (ooops :)
    (and these are now FRONT teeth)

    makes all the difference in how they come out looking.
    Thank you again,..
    I apreciate it

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  12. BethM

    BethM New Member

    if you need lidocaine, the dentist can use the stuff without epinephrine in it. That's what makes your heart race. The epi helps the lidocaine work longer, but it works ok without it, too. I have the same reaction to it, very uncomfortable.

  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Almost forgot - until I read Rosemarie's post - ibuprofen really DOES help with dental pain!

    When the anesthesia wore off the first time (after having 3 crowns whacked off at once), I was really in pain even tho I took some hydrocodone...

    an MD friend recommended the ibuprofen as he said it was especially good for dental pain; I took 2 ibuprofen and it took all the pain away! Altho it did make me spacey every time for some reason. It still messes with my language ability as well (trip over my own tongue).

    The only thing bad about having new crowns IMHO is that it can take a while for the extreme temperature sensitivity to die down ...


  14. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    My dentist provides a finance plan. He is paid and I submit the payments to the company.

    Also, when I first started, he required 2 visits. Now, with the new equipment, it is all done in one visit. I am not as afraid anymore, like I said, whith this dentist. Make sure you feel comfortable.

    The dentist that nearly killed me from od'ing me, my instincts kept telling me that she didn't know what she was doing. I felt, that as a woman, she would be more compassionate and caring. NOT.

    Also, with my jaw being stiff, after the procedure, from keeping my mouth open, My muscles were stretched and relaxed! Go figure.
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'd also like to add a caution - when I had 3 wisdom teeth removed surgically (all impacted) - they put me under...

    but what I didn't know is that they purposely dislocated my jaw in order to get back there and get it done quickly. After that is when I started to have my major TMJ pain, altho prior orthodontics had set me up for it.

    I don't know if they still do that, but it's worthwhile to ask. Knowing what I know now, I'd have elected to have one done at a time s-l-o-w-l-y as painful as it is.

    all the best,

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