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  1. xandrewd

    xandrewd New Member

    hello: this is my first posting - glad this board is here

    i have had my amalgams removed (helpful) but some of those teeth cracked and are now in need of a root canal (not good - root canals are quite contraindicated for people with our condition! )

    I am looking for the most biocompatible root filling material possible as i am very chemically sensitive (i am choosing root canal for now until the metal-free zirconium implants, now available in europe, come here to the US)

    does anyone here have any suggestions????

    endocal is viewed as the holistic choice yet it contains anti-freeze as a principle component (amazingly enough)

    mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) contains bismuth (a heavy metal)

    zinc oxide/eugenol can cause neurocutaneous inflammation (and quite acidic - need alkaline materials for this situation as it kills bacteria and repairs bone; endoacl and MTA are VERY alkaline)

    compounding pharmacies are not able to put anything together for me (though they have tried)

    if anyone has had any experience with this problem and found success (and a simple non-toxic solution), i would be eternally grateful for your suggestion (again im not considering extraction just yet: a plastic denture would cause me a lot of toxicity)

    very kind regards - andy
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  2. LongStruggle

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    There is some literature suggesting that all root canals are bad; that long-term they create more problems. There is an organization called DAMS (dental amalgam ......)that has a lot of good information. I can't remember if they have a website. If you are interested and can't find it in a website search, I'll see if I can dig out a phone # and address for them.
  3. ladude

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    I may be in the same boat.

    Biological dentists are the best in this area.

    Dr. Mecola says no root canals EVER. impossible to clean out completely. He does not even suggest an implant, as they are titanium. I like him on some things but not everything, what else is new.

    Will talk to the biological dentist I saw a few weeks ago.

    I went back and forth on this. The studies that said it was bad were done in 1910 and hygiene and science was not very good back then.

    Root canals seem safer now but who knows. - this biological dentist in CA has some good info. - this site may be helpful

    Thanks for your post you had some good info!

    You have a lot of knowledge here, any sites or books you can suggest?

    Hope this helps
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've never had a problem with any of them. One is more than 30 years old. Knock on wood because I'm having one on Tues. I have an excellent endodontist who is very thorough. All my root canals have been done by drilling through crowns and a composite filling material is used. So far, I've had no adverse reactions to any dental materials except fluoride.

    Many of us with these illnesses have dental problems and I'm no exception. I know there is a lot of info out there on root canals and how bad they are for us. I just can't fathom having my teeth pulled when the root canals have worked so well for me.

    Love, Mikie

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