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    Hi all,

    This is a pretty specific question, so I'm not sure if anyone will be able to offer any ideas on the matter, but I figured this is the place to ask more so than anywhere else online. So, I have CFIDS and have really bad sensitivities to a number of chemicals, and I'm nervous because I'm about to have a root canal and I don't know how to figure out which materials I should have them use to fill the root canal. I had a sensitivities test done to see which dental materials would be suitable for me, but I don't entirely trust it because I've had at least one bad reaction to something that was supposed to be okay for me. So my question is, does anyone have any idea which materials might tend to be more hypoallergenic/less toxic/less likely too off-gas or release other harmful elements into my body? I feel like I'm proceeding blindly here and it's not like I can undo this if I get it wrong (other than just getting the tooth pulled). Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

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    Dr Cutler's book has lots of warnings about mercury based tooth fillings. Amalgams are called silver fillings but are mostly mercury. Very toxic.
    "The hypothalumus has a particuliar affinity for mercury" says Cutler.

    I had another exotic material blend that is hypoallergenic, but my gums pull away from it. "Tissue rejection" says the dentist. So now food gets down in the gum, can we say Gingivitis. I have to use a water jet to clean it out.

    I also read about floride in the water and how it interferes with our iodine receptors and thyroid T3 receptors in the body. Is modern medicine killing us?

    I wonder if it is just wiser to have the tooth pulled.
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    Also, look into the problems of the root canal itself. There's evidence of systemic illnesses being caused by latent infections in root canals. The environment of a root canal make it easy for bacteria to grow no matter what materials are used to create the root canal and antibiotics can't reach the area because the no-longer living tooth has no blood supply to get the antibiotics to the interior of the tooth.

    It's believed that every root canal has bacteria but whether the person gets sick depends on the strength of their immune system. If you have ME/CFS your immune system is not strong.
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    10 years ago, i got my amalgam fillings replaced by ceramic composite. Dentist was not careful and I know that the amalgam powder got breathed in, I believe that this was the real bad downturn in my CFS symptoms.

    Now I wish I could choose between Missing teeth and CFS. I would most certainly choose missing teeth. Words can't express my emotion of CFS...but something like *&^%$#@ would be about correct.
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    I had one in July, and I am happy to report that I had zero problems (so far that is). I hadn't had any dental work done for about 3 yrs because of some bad experiences I had w my last round of dental work.

    In the past, I had a strange reaction to the numbing shots (can't think of what that stuff is called right now). Anyway, this new dentist was sooo much better and I didn't have any bad reactions to anything. I should say, it wasn't fun, but the root canal was easier than the visits for prepping and crowning the tooth.

    I spoke to the Dentist and the Oral Surgeon beforehand and told them of my FM/CFS. They were great, luckily:)

    I had actually never heard of pts having problems w the materials used, or the infection problem. I would have been even more paranoid if I had known! My teeth are not in very good shape, since childhood even. I have a mouthful of amalgam fillings and crowns, but would be too afraid to have them removed and replaced. I'm afraid I'd get sicker and/or my teeth would just crumble when the fillings were being removed. Tooth stuff is so creepy.

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