Root Canal- second part tomorrow-

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    anyone have any ideas of what I can do to reduce the intense fatigue that I suffered last week after the first half of the root canal?

    Wakemeup just posted about people deficient in B12 having problems with the nitric gas (laughing gas). I was considering having that tomorrow.

    My thoughts now are to take a half a vicodin and maybe a half a vicodin.

    I had s spinal fusion in Feb. and laying on the chair for so long sent my back into spasms and I was just so exhausted that I don't want to go back tomorrow!

    Any ideas would be helpful!!

    Thank you!
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    I also have back problems and laying back in the Dental chair hurts really bad, so usually I keep my kee's bent adn my fet on the chair to ease the pressure I have on my back. But when I finally went in to have the final part done I asked them to please put a blanket under my back where the chairleaves a dent and that really helped with the back pain.

    About the faituqe I can only tell you to try to relax before, during and after it is done. AS we tense our bodies we tense all the muscles and that cause's us more tension and added pain.

    I have been on Xanax for years and before every appointment I go to I take 1 pill and I also take a pain pill too. I am sensitive to the injcetions and I feel each and every drop of the lidocaine, and since this hurts I asked my dentist about taking my pain meds before I came in . HE said to take them at least 1/2 hour before comming in.
    IF I have taken my pain meds and a Xanax too I will have someone drive me to the appointment.

    And to help with oyour fatique relax, donn't tense up your body during the appointment and before it as it only makes your body tighten up and makes you more tired. Try to relax and think of something fun and if you can think of a place that you can piture in your mind and go there. For me I try to picture this house , it is just for me , decorated in my own style and there is always music there, so stress, no phones, and all the rooms were made for my comfort, I am tired and want to lay down so I go to my bedroom , this bed is the softest bed you could have. You lay down on it and it cuddles you in softness and the blanket is so soft and comforting that You just drift off and relax. Find a place where you have found peacefull and that offers you comfort.

    HOpe That helps,
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    it is just the mental fatigue that is wearing you down...

    suggestions...bring a hand towel to roll under your neck...white if you can so you can bleach it when you take it home...

    bring a pillow from home to put under your knees to support you lower back...

    ask for a mouth prop if they already are not..that helps keep your mouth open for you...

    bring a cd player and listen to some music...and wear some sun glasses...

    in our dental office we always had cd player and tons and tons of music selections...and always had these dark sun glasses to protect patients eyes from anything getting in them...

    they should be finsihing up for you then schedule you for a crown prep next....

    you will be fine no pain for you ok!

    you could take some advil or motrin before you go w/some food....if you do not have stomach problems...

    you will be fine...have some one drive you home if you want to...and just go home and take a's ok...

    i get wiped out going to child support attroney.. but i was less stressed today...i do what my body can handle...