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    For those of you that was on talking about root canal's..I was abit scared to go today to do mine, some of you had bad experance. Well I went to my dentist today and did the first phase of the root canal. I didn't find the needle go in. he put something on my gums first then the needle. and I sat there for 1 hr. so relaxed i couldn't believe it was over.. next week I go back for next step and I'm not one bit scared.. it all came back to life and so far no pain. So for those of you who suffered I'm sorry maybe you should find a new dentist.
    I live in Newfoundland, Canada.
    thank you
    good luck for all you who goes to the dentist...
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    If it's bad this time,I'm going to switch dentists.
  3. ellikers

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    Yep! I've had a positive experience with mine too. I went and had an IV sedative given to me and it kept me nice and calm and I had virtually NO pain afterwards. I really recommend the person I went to.

    There can be good experiences too! I wish all the bad docs and dentists out there would get a kick in the pants by karma and never be able mess people up again. .... Well, a girl can dream .....

    I'm sending hugs to everyone with dental issues.

    -- Ellikers
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    I had a similar pleasant experience with a root canal (first phase) a couple of weeks ago.

    Dentist put something on my gums first and I didn't even feel the needles. The whole process took only 20 minutes and I've had no problems, except for a little gum tenderness since. The second round of treatment shouldn't be too invasive I am told so I'm not as nervous about it as I would usually be (I'm usually close to throwing up before evey visit to the dentist - even for a check-up).

    I think treatments have advanced a lot over the last 10 years, with the primary objective being to cause as little suffering to the patient as possible. Efforts seem to be made to save teeth these days rather than simply yanking them out.

    I'm in London with the NHS - although I don't get free treatment. Dental inlays and root canals aren't exactly cheap!!

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