rosacea and eczema

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    I have recently been diagnosed with both rosacea and eczema. What treatment methods are effective for you that are dealing with the same thing.

    Mildred Hall
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    Yes, I know of some things that might help. A dermatogist might be best but I have not gone to one yet myself. I get cream from GYN doctors and use it on my face called MetroGel (metronidazole vaginal gel) 0.75%. I understand there are other meds too but have only used this. I also avoid any hot on my face. Water or steam from cooking etc. I just started using Bare Minerals makeup (from Bare Essentials company on tv). It is great and covers without breaking me out more like all the other makeups I have tried. It is expensive $60. for a kit but lasts forever. It is super great (and I don't sell it , honest).
    Now, my daughter and grandaughter have eczema and a huge help over the years is the lotion we use Curiel, it is cheap and has nothing to irritate the conditon like other brands. Like alot have mineral oil and other things bad. I did the research years ago. Use alot of it and keep skin moist after showers. My daughter got a cream for the doctor one time when she got mosquito bites all over called Elidel and it worked wonders in one night but she has not used it for the eczema but we understand from commercials on tv that it is for that too. I was amazing for the bug bites she was covered in bites. Hope I was of some help.