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    I saw in one of your posts that you are having a hard time getting your meds. I don't know about where you live, but here-there are a couple of pharmacys who deliver.

    And, if you have insurance--some insurance companies have a mail service for meds too that are cheaper.

    Just a couple of thoughts.
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    It is not the pharmacy that is the issue , it is that Medicare rearainged the Teir levels of medications. My scripts are all generic and what they call grandfather drugs. So you would think they would not cost as much. But that is not true. Since the tiers have gone up so have the cost of the scripts. What last year was a tier 1 os now a tier 3 cost of a Tier 1 last year. $5.00 Three of the six scripts I take are now a Tier 3 which is around $44.00 , two are a Tier 2 which is $6.00 and one medicare does not cover so it costs me around $18.00. The cost changes at different pharmcies, so one script that I thought was $44.00 was $36.77 and I have not got the others filled as of yet since they were filled at the end of December. When I do get these filled I know that they are going to cost close to the $44.00.

    I odn't qualify for any assistance due to our income being $1,400 more than teh highest limit. So I have to pay for them my self . My insurance has a plan for 90 days for scripts but they dont' do it for teh pain pills or soma, so I am still up a creek with out a paddle.

    MY DH has chagned jobs to one that pays more but now he is with out insurance for the next 90 days and then he goes to a plan that he pays so much into his insurance account and that amnount is what he can spend for dcotor vists, and scripts, there is NO dental. Right onw his scripts for his insluin pump supples cost over $350. for three months and the insuline is expensive as wel, he pays close to $450-$550 a month for his scripts and diebetic supplies. So after he has paid that he will has tp pay rent, food , heat, lights, car insurance , gas for his car, and every other cost that has to do with living today.

    He is a good husband and is doing his best to try adn understandd this DD. But he struggles with it and I have tried to get him to read the letter to normals but that didn't work and he won't watch a DVD about fibro either he has it in his head that my doctors are all drug pussing quacks and not worth his time. Or that I really need to get off the pain pills and learn to deal with this pain like every one else deals with pain. Not every one takes pain meds for every little ache and pain so why do I.

    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, I do appericate it. Thanks so much

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