Rose Parade!!!!

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    Did anyone watch the Rose Parade?

    If so, what did you like????

    I loved the bulldogs sliding down the hill on the float, with *now boards, and then they had mechanical dog houses bringing the bulldogs back up to the top of the back part of the float to send them down again. One was wearing a pink tutu!!! And she had a pink *now board!!!

    Also, I was really impressed that they honored the Tuskeegee air men, 44, with a bald eagle on the high back part of the float, and an American flag draping on the floor of the float. Then the Tuskeegee air men were sitting on both sides of the front part of the float, and they had two propellar airplanes above in the air. It was an awesome float!!!!

    The music band from Nebraska was really good too, as were the Marines' band.

    So, what did you like???? and if you could make a rose parade float, what would it be and how would you make it (with the organic materials) such as what would you use???

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    Hi Fight,

    I guess I started looking for the parade to early and then I got busy with different things. Sorry I missed it. I always like to see the parade with all the gorgeous floats, bands, etc. etc. For some reason today was almost not like a holiday and I was busy with one thing or another. It sounds like it was a very good one. I just can't imagine what it takes to build all those floats out of flowers.

    However, I do wish you and everyone a Happy New Year and hope things get at least someone batter for those of us in pain and or without NRG !

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    I forget what they said about how much glue it takes to glue on all of the flowers and other organic items.

    Happy New Year to you as well!

    Fight :)
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    Well, haven't seen any TV for five years. But I've seen bits and pieces
    of the parade over the years. The most impressive was back in the 90s.
    The TV broadcast was in 3D. And one didn't need to wear special glasses.

    The most impressive float to me, was from about the same time. A
    working roller coaster.

    Did any floats get stuck this year? Despite the fact that all the street measurements
    are known, there is usually one that gets stuck making a turn. Right in front of the
    Norton Simon museum on Colorado Blvd.

    I've never gone to the parade. Too cold, too expensive, too many people,
    too much traffic.

    My mother used to go watch the floats being put together. She had a friend
    who was an artist and worked on the floats every year.

    When I was a kid, we had two parades a year in our village. One on Memorial
    Day and one for High School Homecoming. The floats were either a flat bed
    truck or a hay wagon decorated w/ crepe paper and homemade signs.

    After I got outta college and took a job in Northern Minnesota, I visited an
    even smaller village: 300 people. I saw their homecoming parade. No
    vehicles at all. They had one "float". It was a cardboard casket symbolizing the
    fallen enemy and it was carried by 6 football players.

    Used to march w/ the High School band. Believe me, I was much better at
    marching than I was at playing the flute.

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    I had to watch it again, as I skipped over the beginning part, and wow! Ohio State School for the Blind - Marching Band, with volunteers helping to direct them. Band members are ages 13 through 19. Wow! Now that's Impressive!!!!

    Fight :)
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    I was never a band member, because my high school, at the time, said that either you're in choir or the band, not both. I wanted to be in both. Also, it was frustrating that neither class offered piano class. If I could've taken nothing but music and photography in high school, I would've been quite content. Oh, I loved English class when it came to poetry. I was in a year book class and I took pictures, and many of which ended up in the year book.

    I did, however, participate in some parades. I participated in my little brother's band/parades, whatever parades he was in for the holidays. I dressed up as a clown and rode my banana bike in wave-like motions and handed out tons of candy to other kids my age.

    Wow, Rocky, I bet that took your breath away and made tears form in your eyes. It would have me.

    I'm really impressed with this year's Rose Parade in Pasadina! They honored people (especially kids) with disabilities with the blind marching band, they honored the Tuskeegee airmen who were never honored years ago who deserved our praise, and they honored pets (bulldogs) and people who care and train pets.

    If you want to see the pic of me as a little clown, let me know. I'll ask my mother to email me it, and then I can post it on here.

    Fight :)

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    I cannot wait to see next year's parade. They've improved so much on everything!!! Yes, I did see the Iodine Deficiency float. I am shocked that they have improved so much, representing those with bad health and disability. It would be nice to have a CFS/FMS/Lyme disease and MS float for next year! Any ideas on how we could decorate it or how we could get in a float for us???

    It's pretty warm there! Need a roommate? I clean when I'm able to withstand the pain... lol. You don't want to see how I'm living now though, lol. How I'd love to be having 70's temps right now. It's not getting about 15 degrees F, the next few days. The windchill is even worse.

    My mother offered to pick me up in her warm car so that I'd go visit her, because I told her it is too hard on my body to go out in the cold. She made some turkey dinner. I might take her up on the offer, but knowing me, I'm so independent and want to drive myself, even if my body freezes up. She's offered me a shoulder massage as well. I need one so bad.

    Fight :)
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    I do not remember words unless I specifically repeat them to myself over and over, as I had to go back and watch the title of the Ohio State band, a few times to remember it. I have it recorded and will check later.

    That's it!!!! I'm moving to TN. I hate this cold. I had to get some groceries. It is negative 25 degrees F in wind chill factor. About minus 5 to 10 in degrees F.

    You know it is cold when your fingers freeze stiff and go numb after ten seconds, and that your lips that had moisture on them are now frozen lips. And when your eyes freeze wide open.

    Fight :)
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    I watched it again and could not find it. Oh well. I did find something about Children's Cancer Society on one of the flags of this big ship float... along with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and about 7 other agencies.

    Fight :)