rotigotine patches for fibro?

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    i was reading that rotigotine patches was going through fda approval and i wanted to know if anyone already uses them for fibro.really i want to know if my dr will give me an rx to try it since i cant take pills due to stomach problems thanks charlene
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    Leaknits New Member curious as to what Rotigotine WAS, what for, all that. Basically the "headlines" of mentions of Rotigotine have to do with treating Parkinson's Disease.
    Found the following which I hope won't violate posting rules:

    MedlinePlus Drug Information: Rotigotine Transdermal Rotigotine transdermal patches will no longer be available in the U.S. after April 2008. If you are currently using rotigotine transdermal patches, ... - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

    Best of luck to you,
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    i know i found that site right after i posted this i also found a site that phase 2 trail is going on with them for fibro. there is also a nasal spray i wonder if there going to ditch the trail. the only reason i wrote this was other drugs are given to fibro patient with no fda approval for fibro other wise everyone would be suffering ijust thought maybe someone was taking it thanks charlene
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    Treatment Studies

    Rotigotine for efficacy and safety in reducing signs of fibromyalgia symptoms

    Trial will investigate the best dose of rotigotine in controlling signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia and causing the smallest number of side effects.

    Study Drug: Rotigotine Transdermal

    Sponsor: Schwarz Biosciences, Inc.

    FDA Status: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved in 2007 Neupro (rotigotine transdermal) to treat symptoms of early Parkinson's disease.

    Basic Information: Rotigotine belongs to a class of drugs called dopamine agonists (i.e., they act like dopamine). The major difference between rotigotine and other dopamine agonists is that rotigotine is administered in the form of a patch worn on the skin whereas other drugs are taken by mouth. The study intends to find out whether rotigotine works to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms such as pain, sleep, physical inactivity, mood, poor quality of life, and use of rescue medication.

    Recruiting for Phase II Trial: Approximately 240 subjects with fibromyalgia will participate at about 30 centers in the United States in this randomized, double-blind, placebo control, study. The study may last up to 19 weeks and will involve 10 visits to the clinic. Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups. One group will receive rotigotine at 4 mg per 24 hours, one group will receive rotigotine at 8 mg per 24 hrs, and the other group will receive a placebo. A placebo, or ‘dummy’ drug, looks like rotigotine, but has no active ingredient. Whether participants receive rotigotine or placebo will be decided by chance. There is a 67% chance of getting rotigotine and a 33% chance of getting placebo. Neither study participants nor their study doctor will know the assigned study group, although in an emergency the exact study drug received can be identified.

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    I was in a study at the University of Texas San Antonio, this is the drug Dr. I. Jon Russell tested on me. It was a double blind study. I was one of the lucky ones that received the drug.

    I felt better almost immediately, my pain was completely gone. I however did gain weight about 7 lbs a week, I was on Rotigotine, for 5 weeks, my liver enzymes began to rise, and my blood pressure went up.

    Due to it being a study, I was pulled from the program.

    Dr. Russell, said that I was the only one that had so many side effects.

    I cried when I found out that I would no longer be allowed to partcipate, I don't remember ever feeling as good as I did while on Rotigotine.

    I was also told that the drug was already FDA approved for Parkinsins, but that they want to use it for FM.

    I hope this helps you,

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    for the info. i just with there was something for me to be able to take in patch form that is not an narcotic i thought maybe this would be it and the take it off the market hugs charlene
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