Rough couple of days

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amslave, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Amslave

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    I have had a couple of days that have worn me right down.
    It started Fr. ( yes the 13th ) I was carring a pot of water to my stove from the sick (maybe 2 feet) when i heard a pop and my back let go. So, I manage to det in a chair and yell for my kids(thank goodness they were home from school) to get me the phone.

    I call my doc and they send me to E.R.. which I'm sure like everyone else here i absolutly hate!! I'm sure she thought they would atleast do an E-ray. Instead they give me 2 shots and hand me a scrip for Naproson Sp? whick I can't take anymore due to repeated bouts of GI bleeds.

    So, now its Sunday, I can barly move and am completly consumed with the pain in my back. I know it will get better but it has been a long weekend, I just am trying to remember God never gives us more than we can bear.

    Who would have thought that we were such a tough group of birds!
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    I am so sorry you are having such a crappy time. I herniated a disc in my back and spent a month in bed. Couldn't get up so I know how you feel. Take your pain meds reg. and if you don't have any get your family to yell and scream and jump up and down at the doc until you get some. Hope you can get a comfy position. Hope this doesn't last too long. Drown your sorrows in something decadent today ok?
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    that you are in so much pain. Sometimes I use to wonder if God really knew how much I could bear.

    Please see a specialist as soon as possible or call the emercency room and tell them how bad you are and that you can't take their meds. You may need to go back. They should have done an Xray or Scan. Did they not do test because you do not have insurance?

    I hope you get some relief soon.
  4. Amslave

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    I,m lucky I live in new york so when i couldn;t work any longer my whole family qualified for Family Health Plus. Any one that lives in new york should take advantage of this program. They speed my application up because of my medical condition.( Choc, Cream Pie!)