rough day-how to get to sleep?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momkatmax, May 16, 2003.

  1. momkatmax

    momkatmax New Member

    Had a rough day fatigue wise and now can't sleep. You notice how when it is bad, the sleep gets bad too? What do you all out there recomend for sleep and fatigue?
  2. jka

    jka New Member

    are you on any meds? i take 150 mg oftrazadone,2 mg ofalprazolam-i add 5 mg ambien if it's a really tough night.but i have found taking a warm bath with 3 cups epson salt,3 cups peroxide,and adding eucalyptus/spearmint to the bath helps.take the bath just before you go to bed because it makes you really tired and feel detoxs your body.i take one every night and sleep better.
    hope you find this helpful.
    kathy c
  3. Sissy123

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    I have never tried the bath you mentioned, but will try it tonight. I didnt sleep last night even with klonipin, neurotin, lortab...The doc said when I have those nights it just means my symptoms are getting worse, not that the meds are getting less effective. I think she is right. Some nights they knock me out, other nights it is like I have taken nothing, so I am up all night on this site. I am addicted to this site. The bath sounds like a great idea, where ever did you find that? Sis
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  4. momkatmax

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    I will try the bath that you mentioned.

    I am on Effexor and use vicodin about 3 times a day for pain if needed.

    I have tried melationin which wears off after a couple of weeks. Muscle relaxers loose effectiveness as well. The doctor doesn't want to use any of the sleeping meds she wants me to use natural things. Problem is that none seem to work long or keep me asleep.
  5. baby-bear

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    I was the queen of not sleep for 2 years until I tried 3 benydryl at night along with the ZMA. ZMA is sold here at Prohealth and its great!!!! Also when you add the bath mentioned in this post that should do the trick!! Hope this helps....Pammy
  6. momkatmax

    momkatmax New Member

    Thanks Pammy - I will look it up.