Round 5 of Toxic metal chelation...less kidney pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AllWXRider, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. AllWXRider

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    I just started round 5 of my toxic metal chelation. Sticking to 12.5 mg of DMSA every 4 hours. My kidney don't hurt on this round. My brain fog would usually worsen but it's the same.

    My hair analysis had shown that my levels of Lead, Cadmium & Antimony were at 4X the threshold of healthy ppl. The arsenic was at 1.1X.

    I also turned my little telephone closet into a sauna. Electric heater and my 250Watt heat lamp. I sit in there topless and work up a little sweat. I can smell the toxins coming out. Cadmium is very hard to chelate out but I read that sweating does take it out.

    My angina problems very rarely appear now and my memory is better. It use to be that I could transcribe a number by ONE number at a time. I could go to the garage and completely forget why. This has improved.

    My fatigue is the same, but Lead weakens the immune system so I'm still taking Transfer Factors and Tumeric for my EBV and CMV. Dr. Carol Ryser says that it can take 6 months before the body rebuilds itself and energy returns slowly during that time.

    I have an old house that I had sanded and completely repainted. I think that this is the source of my toxic metals...but I'm still searching. Canned foods are still soldered (solder = Lead + Tin). I now eat fresh or frozen.
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    Glad to hear the chelation is working out.

    What's this about canned foods having lead in them? Even the health food Stores like Whole Foods market? I am surprised the organic canned foods would allow for lead soldered cans.

    Maybe we should all tell Whole Foods about this. I bet they would take action to change it.

    Whole Foods has banned artificial sweetners, msg, and sodium nitrite, (and a few others) from it's shelfs. They no longer stock food with these ingredients.

    Peace and Love, Swedeboy
  3. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Look for "enamel lined" on the WF canned foods.

    From what I was told, you can't make a canned food without solder. It's not an attitude, it just doesn't work without it.

    there are no-lead solders used for plumbing but its more expensive. Look at Home Depot and Lowes for the faucets, note that they have a California Prop # about a harmful substance used. Solder is still used to make faucets. Brass parts are soldered and then Chrome coated.

    Toxic metals may make a real downfall for China, they are polluting their rivers without restriction.
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    So many in our modern world. I used to read the caution labels on treated wood when I was a carpenter and wondered how they could be used in water, homes, play grounds etc as they contained arsenac. About twenty years later codes specified it could not be exposed to occupants in a house, then they stopped the use in water as in docks, now finally they came up with a different substance to treat the wood.

    How did I, a humble carpenter know it probably wasn't good for us and the engineers and everyone else think it was the best thing since the wheel was invented.I once got a sliver in my leg from the treated wood and it got infected fast. No one ever warned us about breathing it and as I look back I can see many things I was around that could harm one.

    Codes also specify where I live to use a lead free solder on all plumbing. How many do? and what about all the older homes.I would think anything canned would be as safe as our plumbing. I wonder if my auto-immune problems are related to all the things I have handled and inhaled. I think we are able to live with toxins for years but finally get overloaded and weaken.
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    Dncnfngrs - I'm suppose to chelate until the toxic metal symptoms go away and then wait 2 months to try another hair analysis. Hair grows 1/2" / month. The body breathes minerals so the symptoms can come back to a lesser degree. I can handle it just feeling better with each chelation cycle and knowing that I found my Root Cause.

    Thanks for the update on canning techniques...I'm with you that fresh, frozen and glass container foods taste better.

    Grace54 & Wakemeup - I did build a deck with pressure treated wood. I used the scraps to build a nice bench around the Oak tree. When I recover, I'll wear a dust mask or use a concrete footing from now on.

    Antimony is used as a flame retardant in bed clothing and some mattresses. Smoking in bed is a popular thing. Dr. Cutler says to soak it out using diluted Liquid Plumber.

    Silver solder has a lot of cadmium in it. I use to silver solder brass parts together 30 years ago. I had bad problems concentrating in College, maybe this is why!

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