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    Do you (or anybody) know much about this medication?

    Does it have less side effects like oxycontin because it doesn't break down into so many diff chemicals in the liver like MS?

    I was recently offered Roxicodone or Norco...I ended up choosing percocet...(had surgery) which I find I'm not liking because it GIVES me body aches.

    Any thoughts??

    Susan B.
  2. 2BPainfree

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    I don't have any problem with taking oxycontin at all. Just when I'm having sharper pains it doesn't do the trick. I'm guessing roxicodone is a fast releasing med?

    I knew it was related..but hadn't heard about the breakdown in the liver when compared to the MS which you were desrcribing in another post....this caught my attention, very interesting!

    It made me wonder if fillers or something else in the percocet was making the FM worse...I never have had anything but releif with oxycontin. If Roxicodone doesn't have all the fillers and tylenol...maybe I should give my Doc a call.

    Thanks Madwolf...any other thoughts are always appreciated.

    Susan B.