RSD, CRPS; Tight Muscles; etc This helped me.

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    I have RSD/C.R.P.S, Fibro, Erythromelalgia, R.L.S.

    I bought an item called, The Pointer Plus

    It's helped me, when I was in Physical Therapy for 2 1/2 months, because one morning I woke up and could not use my right hand & arm, due to severe spasms.

    I have regained the use of my hand and arm, but I still do not have all of the strength back.

    My RSD, has spread all over me, it flares up in any given
    area it chooses.

    Along with using the Pointer Plus, after I use it, I was instructed to Rub, & Rub, any knots that I feel in my arm.

    I no.....the rubbing does hurt,but most of the time, it causes the Muscle to relax, at least for a few hours.
    You can find it on the Web. I paid $89.00
    But it was well worth it....I use it every other day,
    It take a 9 volt battery.
    It also has 2 setting, and you have to find what is confortable for you.
    I will try to answer any questions, if your interested.


    LADYBUG2 New Member

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