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    Hi all! New to this board, so please forgive any mis-steps!

    I had an accident in Feb where I was about to work on my car's brakes & as I was taking the wheel off the jack fell & the car squished my left forearm between the tire & wheel-well. My hubby took me to the emergency room where I found out that the bone wasn't broken (yea!!). Unfortunatly, it's just not gotten much better!! The most recent set of tests (nerve conductivity, My friend gently calls it the "cattle prod test") were Monday. The neuroligist said that it was crushed ulnar & radial nerves and RSD.

    I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there dealing with this kind of thing? Maybe I'm just looking to vent. In any case, thanks for "listening".

  2. gettingnowhere

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    My mom was diagnosed with rsd about 5 yrs ago. You can be lucky that you have it in just your arm. Basically what we have discovered from researching it on the internet is that its a nervous system disease that basically kills the nervous system. If i remember right there is only 4 stages to this disease. Some people call it rsd and some call it rsds. My mom has it in her whole body and i feel sorry for here because she is in alot of pain from it. They had her on oxycotin and some other narcotic and it got to the point that it didnt help her so they moved her onto morphin patches and they dont even help her anymore. I am sorry i dont mean to scare you or anything but if you really want to learn more about it i would suggest searching it out on the internet.

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