Rt shoulder and wrist injury

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atbowen, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. atbowen

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    I am having a rough time right now, I am still healing my shoulder from my on the job injury in June, and in November, I srained my Rt wrist lifting a file out of the cabinet while on light duty. I was taken off light duty and put back off work.

    Yesterday I was in Target, and I was in the stall in the restroom, the big toilet roll dispenser fell on my sore hand and wrist, because the roll dispenser did not have a cover over it. So now I am having three injuries to this right wrist and shoulder. I do not know when I will ever heal. I know it is going to be difficult with the fibro. The pain in the shoulder from the June injury is still there and probably will for sometime.

    How long does it take the joints to heal when we have fibro?

  2. atbowen

    atbowen New Member

    thank you for your reply.

  3. iwetoded

    iwetoded New Member

    Do you say you have shoulder pain????????

    I do indeed suffer dearly from shoulder pain ......;pectoral pain swollen tailbone, arthritis in my neck from fybromyalgia
  4. atbowen

    atbowen New Member

    I have always had shoulder pain, but it go worse with my on the job injury.

  5. jvrealty

    jvrealty New Member

    just saw your post. being an ex claims adjuster that would handle your claim from target....i hope you reported this to target....might as well.......because you are in for a long fight if you have to claim ssd.....this way target will have to pay you too.

    make a report asap.....hope you reported it on the day and kept the name of the person you told....otherwise they will give you a hard time.

    hope this helps


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