Rubs, gels, creams etc.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ggks, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. ggks

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    Do any of you use a rub, gel, cream or lotion for the muscle pain? Which brands seem to work the best for you? I have found that whenever I find one that helps a bit, that after a week or so, it just stops working and I have to change. Why?
  2. fibrofogqueen01

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    I have found a product called BIOFREEZE that works pretty well it is a roll on (kind of like a roll on deo)my husband started ordering it from a guy at work whos wife sells it because they all have them and swear by it where he works (in a factory) so he thought I might get some benefit out of it I wont lie it does not take it all away but it does help alot.If you are really feeling bad rub it on the sore area than take a shower you will feel major results.It is greaseless stainless and has a vanishing scent and dries quickly.Just put in biofreeze and hit search and that will bring it up to buy on line.Hope it helps.I am not on any meds right now because the biofreeze and tylenol is all I can afford right now.Good Luck Tanita
  3. Dolls

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    Creams and rubs with capsicum seem to work great for me, but be carful can be very painful in it gets in eyes, or other tender places. You can buy it anywhere and its not expensive.
  4. mela

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    I tried flex all 454. Does any one know where I can purchse this gel?
  5. mela

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    ive tried to buy flexall 454 in health shops but no one has heard of it round where i live. after taking cocodamol and naproxyn i used this gel and i felt a little bit better. i usually use another brand of gel for musle and joint pain.
    can anyone tell me.
  6. grannyofalot

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    Aspercreme does not contain any capsaicin or menthol. Those can really set you afire if you apply heat or even a hot shower. I'm also apparently allergic to both as I break out in a horrific rash if I come in contact with anything at all containing either ingredient.

    I bought the last tube of Aspercreme at Sam's for less than $6.00 I think. But, I have also gotten it at a pharmacy. When I'm REALLY hurting, I put it on and then apply heat over it.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Hugs! Granny
  7. Shirl

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    I use a couple of them that are good, the very best to me is; 'Banalg', I have been using it for over 20 years, and still get great results. Its very strong, so use gloves.

    The other that is good also is; P-K-5 with Glucosamine.

    For a good Herbal rub, this one is wonderful, but expensive;

    'Traumed' (Homeopathic Ointment), its only available at healthfood stores. This one has no fragrances, no artifical colors, and no animal products in it.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. kar1953

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    I use xtra strength Tiger Balm. It does a really good job. Just don't get it in your eyes. Wash your hands really good after use. It is not expensive. I got mine at my pharmacy. Don't know if places like Walmart would have it or not.

    Take care.......Kathi
  9. Daffodildeb

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    Tiger Balm works best for me.

    Deb :)