Rude and uncaring co-workers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JPach007, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. JPach007

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    Well the other day I was complaining about my boss, today it is my co-workers...I really do love my job...just not the people!
    Anyway this morning we had 5 techs working (including myself) and all they do is sit at the front desk while I rush around doing everything!
    Then...I try to blow that off and as I am leaving for the day, I tell all of them to have a good day and I will see them in the morning. NO ONE responded! Not a bye, have a good day, NOTHING!
    I mumble to myself..."Ok, bye Jess, see you tomorrow" Then the newest girl was leaving behind me and told me she knows the rest of them are mean to me and that she loves me and thinks I'm a big asset to the team.
    That made me feel better.
  2. Bailey-smom

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    Wow - that is something I do not miss! Right now I work by myself but when I worked in a healthcare facility I had to deal with that kind of BS every day as well.

    Do they actually think we are still in high school and we still play the - she likes her more than me - game??? Give me a break.

    Keep your chin up & just kill them with kindness. You never know - the new gal may turn into a great friend!

  3. lurkernomore

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    The fact that you were the only one busting your hump to get everything done was bad enough. Add to that, they could not even be bothered to tell you good-bye made it all just a really bad day, I am sure.

    I certainly hope they are behaving more professionally today and you are having a much better day! As for the one girl who did answer you, she sounds as if she just may be someone that you can really get on with. I certainly hope so, you deserve it!
  4. JPach007

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    Oh, and did I mention that the female "adult" Vet was/is just as bad?! 2 Techs and the female Vet will talk about the tech that isnt in the room and then smile and laugh with the other tech when she returns to the room?!
    The whole time I am prepping for surgeries watching/listening to all this! It is amazing!
  5. FibroJo

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    I must agree with Bailey-smom, kill them with kindness. As long as you always do what is right and what your higher power would want you to do, then you can't go wrong. Hang in there, I know co-workers like that can make going to work a real drag, especially on top of the problems we already have.
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