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    Hi All,
    Last week I went to my Pain Management Doc, he is a hour drive away I live in New Jersey. I was in bad pain that day.
    My legs hurt really bad that day, I was really glad I had a appt that day. We get there, he is in a foul mood, he lost some key people from his staff, he also lost my file, so he has nothing cardboard to go on to look up for me! Did he look on the computer, no!...I had to give him my meds and what I am on.
    I had a MRI done 3 weeks ago, which I have been waiting for, naturally I asked if he got the results, no, he called the MRI placed and asked them to faxed it over ASAP, they did not! HE called them BOZOS..he got MAD, rushed in told me to meet him up front, refilled my meds and told me see you in 1 month.
    I would not leave until he did something for me, I was in PAIN.
    Here I was in pain I figured at least he would try to help me.
    I said you have to increase something don't you???
    OH, he says take OXY 3x a day and take topomax 2x a day and why are you not in PT I said you told me to stop PT, he said Why, I don't know you told me to stop. I left there so mad!
    Needless to say I have a new appt with a Rheumatologist next Wednesday at 9Am I am just waiting for my records if they can find them!
    How did I handle this and what would you have done?
    Thanks for you help!
    PS I anyone lives in South Jersey and know of a good Doc let me know.
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    You did exactly right. I find that when I am tired and in pain I don't advocate for myself well. You did wonderfully. I think it is obvious why he was losing staff. I hope this new doc is more helpful. We can't expect doc's to meet our emotional needs but at least be respectful and organized. I wouldn't give him another penny.

    Was it a hospital practice? I would put in a complaint to the manager of the practice.
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    Iunderstand how you feel my doctor wont give me anything stronger than ultram.Ive been in therpy 4times didnt help just made me hurt more .I exercise but it dont leg is hurting all the time the dr is sending me to a painmagement center .ifthat dont help there is nothing he can do.And he is a specialist so im very upset in need astronger pain pill.the only thing i can get is shots in my muscleles .but the dr said its only achance it wont help at all.and i will need them whenim older .im on trazadon it dont help me much ive been like this for 2years .Imso tired of aching and buring feeling .and always tring to find new med. bye
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    This is becoming more and more the norm!!!
    Doctors are being pushed to the absolute breaking point, by the current healthcare system, reimbursements,poor help, etc etc... i know none of these are excuses BUT it does make for some rude doctors. i work in a lab and I can see the stress and the increase in pressure on all of them. The only reason i am defending is so maybe you won't feel like it's YOU personally. I don't know if that makes you feel any better...
    Everything about this DD Stinks!!!!
    L Sue