ruling out cfs?

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  1. BrookFlu

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    have i got this thing or not?

    I came down heavily with EBV (glandular fever it was called) in my early 20s. I'll always remember that month or so of zero energy.

    * for years, needed coffee to jump start the day when working fulltime. Now, given up coffee.
    * friends notice i am more sensitive and irritated by "city" noises (buses sirens car alarms etc). I've unconsciously re-organised my life around working from home and avoiding stress.
    * tend to average 10+ hours a day sleep over a week, can to get by on less but then have to have a "sleep in" to get energy for the day.
    * exercise (cardio) a lot recently, and I am fit now. Can jog for 5 or 6 miles, but get lingering sore throats and tender neck lymph nodes when pushing this program a bit.
    * two blood tests 4 months apart (wish i had done them before) both show slightly low RBC, WBC, HCT, HGB ie, "slight anemia"
    * have some mild orthostatic problems - blood pressure changes between supine and standing etc, can get dizzy when rising from sitting. Was reading with interest stuff from a Dr Bell on low blood volume in CFS patients.

    Generally, I'm not depressed, but I notice am really selfish about my energy, it feels like I am rationing it all the time, each day I choose one "energetic" thing to do and thats my allocation used up. As a result my social life has suffered.

    Now I'm really wondering if this is just mood - perhaps a new job, country or holiday would magic everything away, or if these symptoms (apart from the slight anemia) are not purely mental. If I've always had anemia due to diet problem or something, and this is behind my slight "CFS like" state, it seems odd that it has not worsened over the years..

    Dunno. I guess I'm posting here and hoping to hear I'm worrying over nothing or hoping to hear I'm a whiner with such mild problems it could not be CFS :(
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    but I'll toss in an opinion or two.

    Also no sort of medical degree, so don't say to anyone, "Nancy on ImmuneSupport said..."

    I think you need to do more research-both books and internet. That's what I did.
    -the noise sensitivity i believe is a symptom in several autoimmune disorders.
    -is the sleep non-refreshing? Just sleeping a lot isn't a symptom in itself of CFS, though is for mono.
    -the sore throats and lymph nodes are symptoms.
    -the getting dizzy when standing up is also something I've just read, but don't think it was for CFS.

    You might want to look into other things as well. From what I've heard here, for several folks, they started out like you did, kind of mild symptoms. If you totally ignore it, your immune system may become even more depleted, leaving you susceptible to lots of other stuff.

    There's a good book called Living Well with AutoImmune Disease, that has quite a listing with symptoms.
    I think, with only what you've said, no doctor would diagnose you with CFS. Now that doesn't mean that isn't your troubles, but doesn't mean it is.

    Research, research, research. You need to do more digging and reading, reading and digging.
    (can you tell that's my watchword?)

    Good luck

  3. T-BO

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    that's my opinion. My ex-girlfriend had the dizzy spells and weakness and all the stuff you describe. Try taking an iron supplement. Good chance it will help. If you have an absorbtion problem you will probably need it in liquid form.

    Just my 2 cents!

  4. Mikie

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    Who can rule out other illnesses which can mimic CFIDS. It is a diagnoses of elimination and it is important to rule out other things. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie