"run over by a truck" - is this what that means?

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    This is a new kind of pain today. Usually I feel achey all over with sharp pains in my joints and shooting pains down my arms or legs. But today my right hand feels like something heavy fell on it and smashed it. It is so bad that I swear that it should be purple. It feels totally bruised. Is this the kind of pain you guys mean when you say you feel like you've been hit by a truck? If so, OMG!!!! Now I'm really scared! My pain all over has been getting worse rapidly over the past three months - I'm going to have a very hard time if this kind of pain spreads to other parts of my body. Anyone have any experience or knowledge to pass on about this?
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    hoping someone can answer!
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    Hi There,

    I was Dxs with FMS 4 months ago and ever since I got sick and still do have that shooting stabing pain, recently for a few months I get sornes in my wrist, elbows, fingers, It's almost like it feels sprained, at times I have my arm in a sling, just putting pressure on my thumb is very painful, it always feels broken. Not much help but just so you know you are not alone. I wiped down my fridge yesturday and I was in so much pain, the middle of my arm just ached and throbed. Sometimes my husband will rub my shoulders or arms and he couldnt touch me it hurt so bad. I just laid down and took my pain meds and it seemed to ease up a little, still a little sore today, we have to be so careful and always be thinking on step ahead, Will doing a chore all at once put me in bed?? "most likly" it's just so hard to stop cleaning in the middle of a job, I have to learn to do that,do one shelf at a time.

    Hope you are felling better soon and try to take it easy.


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    or as I like to describe it, "like someone has beaten me with a baseball bat" because of the terrible deep bruising I feel. Yes, my condition has definitely worsened over the years. Started out in my legs, feet and buttocks for about 5 years and I now hurt in my hands and arms. The only thing that helps me is trazadone for sleep, my antidepressant and pain medication. I just took 2 lortab l0s along with a hot bath and feel ever so much better. I will take this again before going to bed so I won't hurt through the night. Hope you get some relief of some kind soon. Toots
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    Carol -

    Thanks for the info (everyone!). My pain started out on the left side of my back under my shoulder blade. It spread to my neck and shoulders. My left shoulder gets absolutely knotted up so that there is actually scar tissue in the muscle now. I then began getting pain in my shoulder and hip joints. Then I noticed that if I had my arms bent too long my elbow joints would hurt really bad. Then it was my jaw, then ankles, then wrists, and now my hands. Meanwhile, sitting still too long makes my muscles ache really badly. And the shooting pains kind of feel like there's a pain string running down the length of the muscle and it gets pulled tight. Each new pain is added to the others, rather than replacing them. It's starting to get scarry now! I really love to work and be active, but this all is stealing my life from me. It can be hard to deal with at times, and at other times it makes me want to fight that much harder for my life. I guess we all experience that. Thanks for listening!
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    But they did a good job in describing how we feel most days. Just saying you feel like you've been "IN" a car wreck" just doesn't give the immense pain and fatigue the justice it deserves.

    My hubby came up wiht a kind of code so I can let him know how I feel wihtout having to wast energy explaining the details...(or boring him with them)

    When he askes how I feel I just say I've been
    "IN a wreck" is a normal day....
    "hit by a truck" mod pain/tired, but able to function
    "hit by a train" Severe pain, I'm up, but moving slow
    "train parked on me" I'm alive, but that's about it.

    It's not as melodramatic this way...
    Warm fuzzies