running and leg jerks???

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    Hi everyone i am just curious. for years i have been having what i call running legs my doc calls it restless leg syndrom. lately i get this in my arms too. it is to the point of driving me crazy. i also have been told i have rapid limb movement disorder this is where every few seconds during sleep i kick my legs and arms around. i found this out by going to a sleep lab a few weeks ago. i was just wondering if anyone else out there gets these symptoms? thanks kris
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    Hi Kris:

    From what I have experienced and what I have researched many people with FM have RLS and at nightime during sleep I have jerking movements of the limbs, this started after I was diagnsed with a seizure disorder, years before the FMS. Talk to your doctor about medications one that has been effective in both RLS and Myoclonic muscle jerks is Klonopin generic chemical name Clonazepam. I have been on it for several years for seizures, but it also has decreased the jerking at night. My husband calls it the dying fish syndrome as I used to hit him in the face, kick him etc.. and yes this does interfere with your sleep as well as anyone elses. Let us know how you are doing, you may only need a small dose to help with the twitching and jerking and you won't feel as though you have ants crawling on you. This med is in the benzo family for your info you may want to do a search on the library or other postings just type in KLonopin.
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    I have been experiencing the same "jerky limb" symptoms in both my legs and arms. This not only happens at night for me, but also when I am sitting still. It can be quite embarassing if I'm sitting cross-legged next to someone at church, for example, and my leg suddenly jerks out about a foot! I also have small, not as noticeable, twitches all over my body that come and go, and especially twitching around my eyes that never seem to go away. Anyone else experience this?