ruptured silicone breast implants and fibromyalgia

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    ive heard you can get fibromyalgia from ruptured breast implants any women on the board have this??i had ruptured implants removed in january and alot of problems pain and suffering since then. was diagnosed by rumotologist for fibro in december before surgery.any corospondence on this would be appreciated.thanks b-blueeyes
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    ...but my doctor said they would look really strange on a straight guy. Could be that the insecurities that make some women get them could be based in the same neurological problems ( such as anxiety) that some doctors feel results in people getting fibro. Just a thought.

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    There are 3 gals I know after ruptured implants who have fm now. 2 have had numerous serious complications with it. Yet they told me the fm is the worst.
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    Me thinks you have opened a can of worms here.

    Love, Mikie