RX FREE/Discount Programs INFO anyone ever use any of these?

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    Posted this on CF/FM board, wanted to post this here too:

    We are being overwhelmed with the costs of RXs for our son with Lyme, the abx etc have been very expensive and there is no insurance for him at 18...

    So I googled 'Rx assistance programs' - was surprised to see as many websites as I did - most list a lot of programs in general. These programs offer free or discounted meds for those with little to no income.

    Thought this may be of help to others, so here is a list of what I found. All are non-profit/org sites. Some programs are limited as to what drugs they help with, so it may take some looking...

    And if anyone has any experience with ANYof these, PLEASE COMMENT! - OR if you have any to add!

    pparx - stands for 'partnership for prescription assistance', has comprehensive list of participating programs, has an online wizard for seeing what programs you might qualify for

    NeedyMeds - also has list of programs by governments (state/fed) as well as by brand name & generic, etc.

    RxAssist - RxAssist "offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need. All in one place."

    Makoa - free or discounted RXs

    DisabilityResources - lists of programs also

    RXOutreach -this one is NOT an org, but may be of use to some...no cost to join --no contracts or monthly bills- but you do pay an a'dministrative fee' for each supply of medicine ordered. One may qualify even if receiving medicines through another discount RX drug program. It's available to individuals and families with incomes of up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level. (For a family of 4, this figure is about $50,000/year.)

    Like I said, I have no experience with any of these, just thought it may be of interest to many here as so many of us cannot work...

    Well, you can guess what I'll be busy with for the rest of the week...

    all the best,
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    I just wanted to add that the Ronald McDonald Houses take children up to the age of 21. Many houses will let adults stay in them if they are not full. Children do have first priority. We have stayed at the RMH many times and it is truly a home away from home.

    Victoria.. have you looked in to getting your son SSI? Is he able to work?
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    He cannot work, he tried for 4 months, but his legs were going numb from standing (worked at Subway) and got worse shoulder/arm/carpal tunnel pain and numbness in his right hand from the repetive work, already has those problems in his left hand - and also became more fatigued each month.

    So I started application for SSI for him as his personal rep. They immediately tried to BS us, sent a letter to me dated the day BEFORE I went in to interview as his representative saying he did not qualify - didn't make any sense!

    when I called them to ask why they wrote that, since the interview hadn't even happened when the letter was sent, I was told it was because of MY 'possible assets' and/or 'possible job'... as if they counted! - but nobody had even asked - + I can't work anyway.

    He did apply for food stamps, was told there was no way he could get emergency Medicaid, I know that also is not necessarily true...

    we hired a lawyer to help just because we don't need the extra stress ourselves... also going to contact a social worker to see what other help he can get.

    My strong impresion is that it is going to be extra-hard for him to get SSI with this dx because of his age, even tho both Lyme tests have shown up as positive/active... Hopefully the fact that he tried to work will be in his favor that shows he's not a slacker... (he earned less than what they consider 'livable wage' so application is backdated to 18th birthday)

    Hmmm, what age limits are there to being considered a 'child' by the Ronald McDonald Houses I wonder... he's turning 19 this summer. It is nice they let adults stay when there's room, that could be a possibility if he has to live in NC to do IV abx ultimately.

    thanks again,

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  4. redsox10

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    All Ronald McDonald Houses consider children to age 21.

    Does your son have a note from the doctor regarding SSI? How long has he been ill? Is he finished with high school.

  5. victoria

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    that is good to know!

    Yes, his doctors (therapist & LLMD) support his disability, he was dx'd one year ago while 17 but obviously has had it longer because of symptoms... but you know how SS is usually about disabling people, esp young people.

    Lyme totally ruined HS for him, he could not keep up a full schedule, finally dropped out from frustration and got his GED. . . and he reallycannot take courses at this point, due to cognition/memory/brain fog problems, not to mention fatigue.

    Thanks again!

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  6. ckball

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    Talk to your Dr about the med programs.

    I was on several programs because I had to quit work and lost my insurance. I am on SSDI now and have my insurance back.

    She has a small company of 2 women who do nothing but process forms to the drug comanies for free meds. They charge 10 bucks a form and most drugs where $5 or 10 for a 3 month supply.

    I could not afforded it with out them. Good luck-Carla
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    I found a Canadian drugstore, rxcarecanada located in Winnepeg, that has excellent prices comparatively to anything in US (or Canada) and there's also an online drug cost comparison site - healthpricer - for future reference for those who have to pay while things get straightened out financially.

    That Canadian drugstore sells levaquin retail for $5/pill, the cheapest retail price here is $20/pill. . . what a deal...

    I know a pharmacist here, his wholesale cost is about $17/pill I think or more. Only our illustrious gov't did not negotiate prices with the drug companies, grrr.

    I am working on it, but everything takes weeks, and from what I see, the drug company rx assistance also takes weeks and seems to be done by drug, not by overall need... and his RXs change quite quickly, often month to month.

    I will contact the doctor's office and double-check, but the cost of treatment has come up before, and nothing was mentioned... hoping it's just an oversight.

    And of course his caseworker hasn't called back to set up an app't...

    Thanks again!

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