Rx-refills...it would be easier to get a sitting w/the Pope!

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  1. Cactuslil

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    I am so freking mad I could have a "PTSS" episode! Down here in the "valley" one must pucker up to the doc if you want to have one; then if he is courageous enough to take you and treat you, you must then wait two weeks before Mr. Powerfreak will authorize a re-fill on a med you will probably need to take all your natural born life!

    TWO weeks. TWO weeks. I did not start gently calling his office until yesterday less I lose this doc. After my dear beloved doc dumped up after eight years I am scared hairless of not having a doc....even more scared of not getting meds I presently need.

    I have now left a page at the hospital! That will probably really chaulk his jaws and I pray he does not tell me to take a hike but I don't know what else to do. This is ridulous.

    Any one else have to go through this kind of thing? Lil'
  2. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    My dear sweet touching doc soothed my fettered brow by promptly returned my call placed to the hospital and is calling in my script as we type. I guess I am fortunate to have him as my doc afterall. Lil'
  3. Mikie

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    I pray that you get the attention you need and deserve from the medical professtion.

    Like you, I wonder what will happen if there is a national, or even regional, emergency which interferes with our getting our meds. To tell the truth, I have managed to get a little ahead on the Klonopin which I cannot just go off of cold turkey. I also have a stash of Morphine, just in case. Most docs would probably see this as drug seeking behavior; I see it as prudent planning, just in case.

    God help us if we are in the center of a radiological or biological attack; there's probably not much hope for us. However, I worry about the disruption around the attack area and how it will affect our meds. I think this ought to be part of the Homeland Security Act preplanning.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Kelly12

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    Mikie and all,

    I can tell you for sure that you are absolutely correct that keeping a stash is considered "drug seeking behavior".

    I managed to accumulate a stash of Xanax, Percodan and Fiornal by taking less than I needed in order to save them.
    Well, I had an accident at home where the Ambulance had to be called and the Police came. To make a long story short they found my stash, notified one of my doctors and you would not beleive the chaos that followed. My son (who innocently helped them get them) and I didn't speak for two years as I was so angry at him for not following our family rule of minding one's own business. I had told him and thought he understood why it was necessary for me to keep an emergency supply of medications and that it was confidential (I was on Medicaid and occassionally they would make a mistake and kick me out of the system leaving me helpless as to getting meds). The police took the meds although they had no legal right to and would not give them back to me. They gave them to one of my doctors who had no legal right to them either (he didn't order what I had in the stash - his name was on another bottle of medicine). I called my lawyer and threatened him with legal action and eventually got my meds back (with some of them missing). He had the nerve to tell me that he was not dropping me as a patient in the same sentence in which he called me a drug seeker. I informed him that I was dropping him and did.
    He had been my doctor for 8 years and had never had a single issue with me. He should have trusted me enough to ask what was going on before he allowed things to get totally out of hand. And, they did get out of hand. If I hadn't been injured I would have probably been arrested.

    It really is a long story and I was suspect in the Police eyes as long as I lived in that area. My reason for telling you all this story is to tell you that if you are going to keep a stash keep it away from your regular meds, don't trust anyone with the knowledge it exists and keep it locked privately away from anywhere that the EMTS would look for medicine. You just never know when your privacy is going to be invaded. "Normals", even those closest to us, do not understand our train of thought where protecting our medication is concerned. If no one knows, then no one can tell. You absolutely would not believe the big deal they made about my stash even after I told them the exact reason I had it. Oh, if you save empty Rx bottles for keeping odds and end small items in, take the label off. I have never figured out why, but they made a big deal about me having those, too. I guess they thought I was running an illegal drug store. The police, the public, and most doctors are totally ignorant about controlled substances.

    By the way, the doctor who had ordered the meds had no problem with my stash. But, he is not the one they gave them to.

    Be Careful

  5. Cactuslil

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    Yes I can well imagine. I live in S.Texas and the heat stays on everyone here in this county. The hospital will not even administer pain meds to out-patients on weekends or after regular doc hours.

    It is a frightening spector. I do peel my labels but live in mortal fear some good-hearted person cleaning around the house would throw one away and some hood would break in, konk me on the head and steal them! (I find I now live in the hood; used to be okay as I could walk the walk; but now I can't even talk the talk!)

    Pharmacies around here are like armed guards. At one pharmacy I used to use, they would have to physically leave the building go somewhere else, while I waited, return and then fill the Rx.

    The paperwork on pain meds is also awesome; the feds also treat the docs like drug pushers. It is a viscious circle. I had a shortage a few months ago of a pain med. It was exactly 30 pills. I called the pharmacy et al. and it was no, no, no....so I paid out of pocket for the missing 30; so next time I personally picked them up, asked for the counter and sat there and counted each little bugger. Hated to do that but I bet no one there will try shorting me again!

    I try to use my meds sparingly and what a shame, as I know I would feel better if I took the full amount but I know if a catastrophic event happened without the meds my pain level would be horrid. Lil'
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    Stash has a whole different meaning, lol. No I'm not laughing at the situation, I've been there too. Worried that my Dr. wouldn't refill my scripts, so I too had a Med stash, at least a weeks worth. It was a good thing to, as the Pharmacy that I had been using for years, screwed up my refill's and I got locked out by the Insurance co.
    My Dr. know's that I keep at least 2 days worth when I do call in a refill, sometimes it takes that long here in the Big City for them to get around to filling them.

    For me the biggest pain is the Pharmarcy, so I have changed to one closer to my house. Let's see how long it takes someone there to make a comment about the Med's I take.

    I have my FMS/MPS printouts for Pharmachist all ready to give them. That usually avoids any further comments or actions that can cause me problems.

    I have enough without the darn Pharmacy's. I get so mad at them, I use to work for one back in my 20's and we treated people with Respect, not with an attitude that they are addicated. Times do change, but the FMS/MPS didn't, they just became very active. grr!!

    Hi Lil, I have been wondering where you've been, I've been very busy since the Hubby joined me here in Ca.
    I also have to see a New Primary Doc., I hope he's going to be a good one, I still will have my Orthopedic and Rhumetologist Dr.'s, so I won't have to change my Routine.

    I've come a long way since joing this board, the Flares aren't as bad as they used to be, and there seems to be more time in between them.

    Hope you all have a Great Sat.

  7. klutzo

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    But, not you of course, dear Lil!
    I was put on 100 mgs. of Neurontin, which is nothing neawr an effective dose, and left there. I had to call and beg to have it raised to 300mgs. and then when I called in a refill of the 100's, since I knew I'd have to slowly up it from there, I was told my doc had cancelled the refills on the 100's. On top of that, I get my drugs from an online drugstore (saved $1,200 last yr. alone!) and where it used to take 3 days to get a refill, since 9/11 it is taking at least 10 days. I'll have to lower my Neurontin dose tonight so I don't run totally out before I can call my doc on Monday and raise the roof. Why no refills? This is not heroin, folks. It doesn't even make you high, does it? I do know I can't run out of this stuff or I could have a seizure, even tho that's not what I am trying it for, so I'll have to have my doc call in an emergency script to the regular drugstore and pay throug the nose with $ I don't have.
    I empathize, Lil, indeed I do!