rx'ed gabitril and prozac, weight questions and opinions sought

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeryn, Aug 6, 2003.

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    After trying the holistic route, which didn't work for me, got rx'ed this by my husband's pyschiatrist. He works with a lot of FM people.

    The Prozac is for depression. There is lots of it in my family and I am feeling it at the moment, so I sought this rx out.

    I was surprised to get the gabitril for sleep, pain, and anxiety. I looked at old posts on it and it seems pretty positive. I am worried about weight gain though. Please tell me it won't cause weight gain! I'd love to hear advice or feelings about it. Ways to make it work best.

    He said start with 2 mgs and add more up to 8mgs if needed. I am supposed to work for the smallest effective dosage.

    Thanks guys... Aeryn[This Message was Edited on 08/06/2003]
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    My daughter had to stop taking birth control hormones for endometriosis when she developed complicated migraines and consequently her depression and mood swings swung wildly out of control.

    Her doctor put her on 10 to 15mgs of prozac daily and she is 100% better. She hasn't gained any weight and she is usually very intolerant of meds especially antidepressants. This has been a pleasant surprise.

    I would guess the amount of Prozac you are taking might make a difference. I couldn't tell if the low-dose you mentioned was for the prozac or the other med.

    Perhaps you could try one at a time to see which one does what. It's a good idea to get the insert from the pharmacy and read the possible side-effects.

    Good luck Aeryn. My daughter has had VERY good luck with Prozac.


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    aeryn, was on prozac for several years. It was best thing for me..to control the fm pain. I'd been on several different anti-depressants and either had terrible side effects or they just didn't work. When doc needed to change my rx yet again, decided to put me on prozac..to also help me lose weight !
    That works for most...didn't for me..the weight loss that is...but sure controlled my pain.
    Good luck to you !
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    Thanks for the support on the prozac, I appreciate the posts a lot.

    The Gabitril didn't work out. I didn't sleep really on the highest dosage I was allowed yet I feel drugged today. What's the point of that?